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Sold - Spyderco Autonomy 2 - used

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Jan 4, 2018
Hello out there auto shoppers,

Please take a second to consider this very cool auto spydie slicer.

Autonomy 2 - used. Carried about a dozen times, but only actually cut a couple plastic baggies. I’m the original owner. Well centered (which seems to be increasingly rare in autos lately) and fires hard. Factory edge is absolutely pristine & sharp. No box or papers with this one.
$OLD G&S shipped & fully insured with USPS priority CONUS

I really appreciate your time BF. Have a great day!

8796BFFA-41BE-4394-B2B3-DBAAE4807FCB.jpeg B823ECC0-AA57-447F-A4B5-DE7D32239251.jpeg 7EB4CA17-C46C-4678-913C-BCCDCC8A8CA0.jpeg 8A0F4180-ABA0-40D5-8594-051833E49476.jpeg C72BA6EC-6947-4772-ACA7-1C6CDCBCE2ED.jpeg 4E958994-99F1-444F-836E-BE3BA89F7998.jpeg F412B923-E026-4EE2-B1DA-239D4D8D0CBA.jpeg
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