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SOLD-Umnumzaan and Small Sebenza Insingo Double Lug

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Feb 24, 2018
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Both knives are just back from CRK spa treatment and look great. Scales blasted, sharpened, greased and new lanyards.

Umnumzaan Drop Point in excellent condition.
D.O.B 11-15-17.
Looks like new after the spa treatment. Smooth as glass action. Includes everything as a new one would. Box, coa, tools, loctite, grease, cloth and other paperwork. SOLD

Small Sebenza Insingo Double Lug w/ Silver Hardware. In good condition.
D.O.B. 9-14-11
Scales look new after spa treatment. Blade has a few light scratches from use you can see in the right light. Includes everything as new. Box, coa, allen, grease, cloth, sticker and paperwork. SOLD
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