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Some Knives For Trade


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Dec 4, 2005
Byrd G10 Meadowlark PE
CS Bushman
2x Swedish Issue SS Mora's
Buck 112
Ontario SP1
Wood Jewel Puuko (LINK, 5th from top, "Big Carving Knife")
Various Opinels
An Okapi folder
Some Victorinox knives

I might have some others to add, but I've got those for trade right now. Here's some things I'm interested in:

Byrds and Spydercos (Looking for G10 Cara Cara's, G10 Robins, Flights or Pelicans from Byrd. Yojimbo, D'allara, Endura 4, and UKPK from Spyderco. Feel free to offer anything from either company though.)
Scandi style fixed blades
Large chopper style fixed blades
Sharpening supplies
Bass guitar equipment
Nintendo Gamecube console
Vintage gaming equipment. Consoles, controllers, games etc. Anything older than XBox and PS2.

If you're interested in anything I have and don't have a knife I've mentioned, feel free to make offers anyways. I'm willing to take a look at whatever.

SS handle Byrds aren't as high of priority as other scales, but I'll still gladly look at any you've got.