Some prayers needed.

Dec 1, 1999
I'm glad to be part of this group and I know in the past that prayer from everybody here has help out.

I am asking for some prayers for a friend of mine. He is trying to raise some supoort and money for a group that is trying to find a cure for cancer. He is currently trying to ride his bicycle across the U.S.. He passed the Alabama border a day ago. Please send some prayers so his trip goes well. He is a Sifu for Eagle Claw Kung Fu.

Also, I'm asking for some prayers for me. I'm in the process of getting another job and the testing procedures is very hard. I have two more tests to go through one tomorrow and maybe one on Friday or Monday.

Thanks again everyone and I'm glad to be part of this group!

P.S.- Uncle Bill, the pictures from my Japan trip will be sent to you tomorrow.

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Consider it done Ray!!!!
Smoke going up for one of our best and for one of his friends.

No problem, BA.

This forum has a way of turning into a great little support group when you need people.


It's a noble cause to try and help someone else achieve a noble goal.

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I'll add you and your friend to the prayer list...

Best wishes in your interviews

You have my prayers and best wishes for a successful test, and I can already see your friend crossing the finishing line.
Best wishes to you and good luck,

Jeff & Miss K.
Prayers sent. and good luck to you both
May God provide strength and edurance to your freind as he undertakes this trip to benifit all. May he provide you with comprehension, retention of learned material, patience and peace as you prepare for your exams. Praise be to the Lord, prayer works.

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Prayers to the both of you.

Good luck on the job. There is veyr little more disconcerting than not having a good job. It can make even the best day rotten if you have to go to a job you don't love.

And prayers for your friend. I hope he stops somehwere along the line and gets himself a new seat.
BA, My prayers are with you and also with your friend. May God guide you in your decision(s). It takes peace to make a move like this, be sure that you have it, and all will be well.



Been through a few tests meself (far more than I want to remember). Nice thing about them is that when they're done, they're done, but hard to remember that when they're looming in front of you.

I had a tradition that when I finished up a test, I would come back home, crank up the stereo, and indulge in an hour of music afterward. When I walked into the test, often I already had the songs playing in my head and the test just seemed like something I needed to get out of the way so I could get on to the good stuff.

Anyway, set a little light at the end of the tunnel and keep your eye on it on the way through.
BA, I wish a fair assessment for you, and luck for your friend!

Otokohadaremo yumenofunanori.
Shonennohinoakogare shinutokimade wasurezunidaiterumonodayo.
Blessings and good friendly chi headed for both of you, BA...

if you are unwilling to think for yourself, others will try to do it for you...
Forgot to respond til now, but Frankincense and Myrrh were sent up immediately on reading your request.
OOOPS: missed the part about testing. If it's San Jose, let me know. I got a cousin on the dept. swat team i think it is. Sending smoke.
Mine are with U 2!! good luck to both of you!! Keep us posted.

Chris B.