Something you don't see everyday. (Warning: May Cause Salivation and Empty Wallets)


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Oct 2, 1998

ESEE shows, yet again, how awesome they are.
All four are orange
man that is sweet! thanks to ESEE for supporting the site! black and orange is one of my favorite combos.
Oh boy. I just ordered my first junglas and shold get it in one more day.?!*? I'm sure I will post all about it. *jezz I love gettin new toys* now I see this one.. Arrruuugggg... Oh well just one more day for mine. White ok for now. enjoy. edgy:thumbup:
I'm hoping it's the textured G10 like the pack knife and not the glass smooth stuff I just got on a green esee4...

on topic - what are the details on the auction?!?
That is really nice! I've always liked that color combo but wasn't a fan of orange G10 on my manly RAT/ESEEs, or any knives for that matter, but after getting my RP knife my feelings changed.
We were happy to do this. Anything that supports BFs supports the whole knife community!