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Nov 2, 1998
Just signed up for the GOLD membership; wanted to say thanks Spark for a great site!!

Just chiming in to say thanks to Kevin. I just signed up for the Gold package also (sounds like something you would get as an option on a Cadillac huh). Anyway, keep up the great work Kevin. Thanks!
michael :D
Wow! I think everyone did it at the same time...:D :D <p>I think I went for the premier membership. Do we get a button, or something... I know a hat!:D :D Thanks Kevin!
Hey Spark! I tried ordering a Goddard LW from 1SKS and you're out of stock! :D Oh well, the TuffGlide is on it's way, I gather. My knives really need some. I'll probably sign up for the "nongold" membership soon, but I'd go for the GOLD if you had T-shirts or iron-ons!! Just another HINTHINT! :)

Hope everything is going well,