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Split from: MT Ludt "Splash" Damascus

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Oct 2, 1998
This thread was split from the MT L-UDT Damascus one, posted by Princa.

I stated there was a hundred in the run of splash/damascus. I certainly don't have 100.
Spark... I know Tim personally, and he is not a dealer! He is a knifenut! He is a collector of custom knives, and he likes to buy, sell, and trade them, But a dealer... No.
Ditto, Princa is not a dealer just another crazed collector with great taste.
How does a person who's not a dealer get 4 MTs out of the custom shop that just hit the street and put them up for sale if he's not a dealer, just someone who wants to spend $2600 on knives and help people out:rolleyes:
Sorry, but I have to agree with captainclean. These obviously weren't part of a collection. :(
Come on guys... Didn't you ever get knives in trade, and then sell the knives that you got? Tim had some very high end knives in his collection, and he could have traded one, or two.<p>Enough said!:)
OK as long as I know that when I trade some knives with my distributor I can sell them as a individual and not a dealer:D Nobody but a person buying as a dealer can get 4 brand new knives to sell from the custom shop at MT period, not even the biggest dealers on the net have them yet!
Enough said;)
I don't know Captain, because I'm not up on MT's. Just too much bull over there!:barf:
I agree with Captain Clean...these are brand new knives not even available to some of the larger dealers yet. I don't even have any of these yet and am an Authorized Microtech Dealer. Any bets on how much he paid for them? Dealer cost I bet...that makes him a dealer.
It looks like I'm gonna need a mouthpiece for this one.Some of ya'll act like a bunch of old whores!I detect a hint of jealousy from "Authorized Microtech dealers".What constitutes a MT dealer other than having the cash to buy them.We all know the politics at Microtech.The last thing I want to be branded is a MT dealer.
Old whore eh, my personal life has nothing to do with it:D I don't really give a rats a$$ who or what you are just don't pretend to be something your not. And if you don't want to be branded a MT dealer and are ashamed of it than my advice would be to not sell their knives.I am a dealer and don't hide under other forums and try to pretend I'm not. Do you really think you're fooling anyone but yourself?
If the shoe fits...wear it. H O N E S T Y...ever hear of it?

If you didn't buy them from MT or a distributor, where did you get them from? Yep, just as we thought...from a distributor at dealer cost! Take the high road, admit it and sell in the dealer forum or continue your denial like the other closet whores.
My .02, Tim is not a dealer, just a collector like the rest of us, and Tim is also one of the most honest and upstanding guy's you'll ever meet.
So there !!!! :)

I guess all you guys are just morons, what collector that you know has 4 identical knives and is selling them before anyone one on the internet. If you are a collector you wouldn't be selling them before anyones even seen them. If he's not a dealer he's buying them a dealer cost and it's the same difference, it's for profit and not fun. I even know where they came from and their not retail period so drop the subject! I guess some people don't want to pay the money but want to make it. If thats the case I guess I'll start selling them for $500 since he's a collector and this is for fun I'm sure he won't mind a little friendly competion:eek: Two can play at this game!
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