Spyderco Moran

Oct 3, 1998
This little puppy is definately a "sleeper". Spyderco introduced it at a price point that almost guarenteed poor sales. Since they cut their MSRP in half it has become a viable candidate for those seeking an outstanding small utility-hunting-skinning blade.

The ergonomic handle has tacky side panels that provide multiple comfortable and secure gripping positions. It isn't a "full" hand full in that it provides a three or three and a half finger grip. In other words it is short, but darned if the ergonomics don't make the knife feel every bit as secure as a big 5" handle! The mirror polished, outstandingly ground and sharpened VG-10 blade is a tad over 3.5" in length, slightly upsweep with plenty of belly. Bill Moran's signature is etched in black on the blade itself. The more one uses this little critter, the more endearing it becomes. At the discounted price folks like Frank Norman of Little River Trading and James Matthis of Chai Cultlery make this piece available for, no one has an excuse not to own one! It does everything well...slice, cut, edge retention, etc.

It comes with an unusual crossdraw sheath fashioned from several flat pieces of leather that is pushed together to pucker the opening for blade insertion or withdrawal. Earlier production came with a Dozier designed kydex sheath that met with mixed reaction due to the difficulty many had extracting the blade.

The production sheath is acceptable but the knife really needs a better sheath. Enter Scott Evans and his experienced military design team at Edge-Works who fashioned an outstanding thin concealex slip sheath which features a thumb push extraction which leaves the sheath solidly in your pocket when extracting without the need for velcro or other such anchoring measures. A lanyard is also supplied to permit in between belt and pant carry. I love mine!

I challenged Scott and his team to come up with a multi-mount system for a military field medic... boy did they come through in spades! They fashioned a tri-laminate heavy duty kydex sheath for my son who is on active duty as a navy hospital corpsman serving with the marines. Very, very secure yet ease of withdrawal are key points (not just in my opinion but also of some active duty co-workers with spec-ops experience...all uniformly impressed). The back features a thick web loop for vertical pistol belt carry threaded through the third layer of kydex terminating in fastex style double D buckles. Supplied is a long length of webbing with multiple fastex fasteners and clips to accommodate any number of attachment or wear options from inverted alice pack strap mounting, horizontal middle of the back civilian belt wear, to over the shoulder civilian style carry.

Simply outstanding! I've had numerous leather and kydex aftermarket sheaths made. These are the best kydex I've had yet -- bar none!

[pix of these can be seen at I'm working on getting other shots posted here]

Bottom line is that this is a sleeper with utility for not only knife-nuts but anyone who needs an working edge. Couple it with an aftermarket sheath from Edge-Works and you have an absolutely outstanding package for a very reasonable investment! Buy one for yourself, buy more for presents to working folk and outdoors enthusiasts you want to please.

My highest recommendation!


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I AM HERE.....(one those unforutnates that didn't get a password right away).

I have had a chance to handle the Moran. I am on the threshold of purchasing one, you are very convincing. One thing... how long does it take to lose that feeling that you are holding on to a door knob. Mind you I have not had a chance to work with this knife just look it and geewiz all over it.


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Radar Man,

Doorknob? Mmmm..have you unusally small hands? Just kidding! Admittedly the appearance of the grip is unusual to say the least. Rest assured that once in hand you will find that it feels like it was almost custom made for your paw. For me it's length put me off until I handled and used it. Very secure, comfortable and deceiving as all get out. It felt like a had a full handle yet I knew only 3 1/2 of my fingers controlled the knife. I think it's the panel inserts on the top and sides of the handle that does this. All I can tell you is that everyone I know that has bought one has become amored with it. Even Scott Evans whose Edge-Works firm made my aftermarket sheaths has indicated that he was so impressed with the little knife that he was planning on picking up a few for himself!


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I swear, you do good!

Recently read your review of the Genesis from EDI at AnotherForum.Com and it was great!

Dexter, you got some competition!!



I wouldn't go *THAT* far !!! I don't get into details on alloy composition, edge cutting tests, edge retention, etc. that Dexter does.
I concentrate on fit, finish and functionality. If a blade is well built, has nice aethetics, and works well for its intended use, it'll get a thumbs up. The more it accels at these issues, the better quality - grade of materials used, and the more positive any contact with the manufacturer has been the more I tend to rave about a product.
Out of the 13 cutlery related items I've bought in the last few months, I considered only three of them exceptional enough to post a review here (the Spydie Moran, EDI Genesis I, and Edge-Works custom kydex sheaths). Now that doesn't mean I don't find favor with some of the other products; it just means that these are clearly stand-outs, heads and shoulders above comparable items in my view.
Thanks for the compliment, althought I know I'm not in Dexter's class!

Has anyone had to clean blood off the handle yet? If so how easy is it?
Thanks in advance

Hadn't had to, yet, but I don't see a problem. I can vouch for the fact that fish guts are easy to clean! (even got pictures to prove it www.littleriver.datasys.net/moranpics.html)


Nice pics Frank. I have had troubles before cleaning blood out of the checkering on kraton handled knives and I was a little concerned especially about the area around the border of the inserts.
Thanks for the info.
To RadarMan and others:

I held off taking digital photos of the sheaths this weekend because of the weather...heavy rains here and up to 50 inches of snow in the higher elevations above me. The best pix for web showing are taken in bright daylight and not indoors. Well monday my eldest called to say that he was back at "home base" but was heading out again for a month this thursday night. Yikes! If I were to get him his sheaths for field use, they had to be sent ASAP. So the custom military sheath and an Edge-Works All-Way Jump sheath are now en route and unavailable for picture taking. The saving grace is that Scott and his gang did take a lot more pix than you see on his web page. He sent me two additional jpegs showing each sheath in another carry mode option.
In the interim, I would recommend e-mailing Scott, requesting additional jpegs IF YOU absolutely believe it necessary to decide if his design fits your needs. I will also e-mail him asking if he could provide additional shots here via Spark or make some other arrangements to show additional views.
I apologize...my planning simply went awry!

I will send you the rest of the photos via e-mail in a day or two. Some are better than others but they should show most of the detail. ... And by the way... Thank you much for all the kind words about our products. Take care,



Great and thanks! I'll work out something with Spark after I get them. I have ThumbsPlus v3.30 among other utilities which should allow me to get those jpegs into Spark's 25k size limit. If you're worried about contrast and lighting of some of the shots, I may be able to help there too.

Hey, no sweat about the endorsements. I *REALLY* liked what you and your gang made for my son and me, so why not share the good news with the world

I have skinned a deer with the Moran[last weekend] and had NO problem with cleaning the blood off the handle. I was also impressed with the knife and found the handle more comfortable than I thought it would be. The only problem is the sheath as Bob mentioned, and its ashame because the supplied leather sheath is sooooo well made, just not so well designed. Gotta get Kydex.....

Will Fennell
EDI Knives
I couldn't agree with you more. The Moran sheath is a thing of beauty! Just too impractical though for such a sharp, "edgy" blade.

Like Frank said you are a "wordsmith". To the rest of you folks, Bob thinks he's the heir apparent to Walter Welch. Don't give him too many compliments Frank. Pretty soon we won't even know what the hell he's talking about.
Gee Gene, you know I could never hold a candle to "Doc" Welch! He's subtle yet quite direct. I, on the other hand, if pressed, can indeed obfuscate circumlocutously with the best, but I really don't think that is what you or Frank had in mind <hehehehehe>

Congrats on your deer and thanks for the info.

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I graciously bow to your circumlocution. You ARE the king of saying so little with so much.

Love it!!!

You said it best before but ya gotta love these forums! Fun and fellowship without fear of being blown out of the water for perceived indiscretions.

No flame wars or personal attacks, just some good natured teasing. I LIKE THIS PLACE!!!!

All the best!

I have carried this knife for several years and it just did not sell. Now with the new price it made me look at it again. Man you get a lot of great knife here for the dough now! The sheath ROCKS! And the blade geometry is really great for general tasks and skinning the neighbors cat, I mean deer

Best Regards,
Mike Turber

PS B4 I get a bunch of hate email. I have three cats and enjoy them tremendously! Specially with a little picante sauce
Just Kidding. I do have three cats!

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