Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight S110v Blue FRN Mini Review

Feb 29, 2016
Hi Guys,

My first knife review so go easy on me!

As you will no doubt know the Native has been part of the Spyderco Line up since 1997. It's American made and as always with Spyderco their models are subject to change and review under their CQI Policy (Constant Quality Improvement).
The design has therefore evolved over the years and with the latest major revision being the Native 5.


The version of the Native 5 I have here today is the Light weight using FRN handle scales to keep the weight down and as a further boon it features no liners. The result is a very light and easy to carry EDC knife.
The FRN (fiberglass reinforced nylon) features a Bi-directional texture which helps to keep a secure grip in the hand and the handle also has a generously sized lanyard hole.
The clip can be positioned 4 ways, for left or right-side tip-up or tip-down carry and sits reasonably high allowing for a deep(ish) carry.


As with all Natives it is made in Golden Colorado and has a secure lock back design. This particular version has only recently been released and has Blue FRN scales and a premium CMP-S110V spear point blade.
Hopefully giving it a long lasting edge retention.


It's a full-flat ground blade with significant textured finger choil and jimping on the thumb ramp.


The blade also has that lovely swedge line which is very distinctive.


On arrival the blade action is smooth but a little hard, certainly not a flicker like the PM2. I'm sure this will ease a little bit with use. I may also give it a couple of drops of oil and work it in.

To sum up then, it's a great size EDC, fits nicely in my hand, has smooth opening (though not flickable) and a solid and secure back lock. It's easy to carry due it's light weight and gives you security in use due to the solid lock.
The blade alignment on mine is perfectly centred with no blade rock in any direction and it's stupidly sharp straight out the box. Fit and finish therefore, along with production tolerances all seem excellent.



The Specifications are as follows:

Blade Length: 3"
Closed Length: 4"
Overall Length: 6.875"
Cutting Edge: 2.42"
Blade Thickness: 0.125"
Blade Material: CPM-S110V Stainless Steel
Handle Material: Dark Blue FRN
Weight: 2.5 oz.
Made in Golden, Colorado, USA

Lastly if you've kept up with my ramblings - well done!
If you skipped it all and just looked at the photos, I wouldn't hold it against you - but hope you liked them! :D

Cheers for now.
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Nice review, great shots. Is that a Rocket Blaster I spy?? :p

That Native is on my short list.
Good spot! It is indeed a Rocket Blaster and very good they are too. :D
Glad you like the review.:thumbup:
Nice mini-review! I love both the G10 & FRN Native 5's! I need to get me one of those dark blue S110V's one of these days.
Beautiful photos! Nice review. I'd like to see more about the knife in actual use... I really like the N5 lightweight. I have the S35VN version. Theses days it's tied with my Delica for favorite EDC. I love the way the blade just drops when the lock bar is pressed, makes for very intuitive one hand opening and closing.
Thanks chaps, I enjoyed doing it.
Evany - yep, I've only just received it so not used it yet for much more than stuff at home.
I bet you just sold a few knives for Spyderco. You made me want one, but I'm holding out for the fluted carbon fiber/S90V lightweight that is supposedly being released this year.
Thanks for that. I have been tempted by this one. I am sorta waiting for the blue G10 version, but this one is probably more practical.
^ Depends what you are using it for I suppose, but I would recommend the LW from my experience. I am (as Evany) thinking of getting the Fluted CF S90V when it comes out also. Would love the Damascus version but impossible to get hold off over here in the UK probably.
I like the Damascus, too, but I think I'll be happier with the S90v version at $100 less. S90v is a vey nice steel.
GREAT review, Thorien. got my lightweight last week and really liking it. unlike my old one, I can flop the clip for tip-down. These are winners to be sure. Thanks again for a great post/review. Do some more. Best to all.
I love the Native, and I am not a huge fan of smaller knives. However, this platform has been with me for about 9+ years now. Very nice pictures and a solid write up. thanks.
Great pictures. I also must say that I normally carry a large folder but since I got this light weight native it has been with me constantly. I really love it.

Mine is actually quite rough opening and closing, it's tight and the action is very jerky. I think I may take it apart and see if there are washers to be cleaned or something. Other than that the thin blade stock and fantastic steel take on all of my EDC tasks and I really enjoy this knife. I think I might be looking for the G-10 version when it comes out.
This is a very great review, the photo quality is superb! Got mine (G-10 version) about a month ago, loving it so far!

Oh and i hope to see photos of this knife in use from you, that would be awesome!

Thanks for sharing.
Your pics are wonderfull and for the text... how to say... so good that to your own fault, i am searching for a Native now :D