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Spyderco Rookie

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Jul 15, 2008
Hey guys I have a foliage green spyderco rookie I would like to trade.
Just let me know what you guys have.



I've been wanting a Rookie (is yours un-used?) and have a few Spydercos, plus a few others, to trade:

Caly Jr. ZDP with Burgundy FRN Handle and Lava SS (both NIB).

I also have a carried, but not used, vintage Spyderco Standard SE with G-10 handle (no box); a lightly used Endura 4 CE with foliage green FRN handle (+ original box); and a lightly used Byrd Robin PE with G-10 handle.

Plus I have a Byrd Raven black CE blade; a Boker Wharcom with black handle; and Boker Rescom with red handle (all NIB)

If any of these are of interest, please reply to: pumapoet@gmail.com. I will combine for equal value. Thanks for considering.
It is unused it was sent into spyderco to cure some blade play and they did a great job.
I'm mainly looking for a military or khukuri but I will definitely consider others.
Nothing has really interested me so far, sorry guys.
Bump, plus some things I'm looking for.
Spyderco's and Emerson's
Benchmades: Sequel, 710, Presidio

I am also interested in sharpening systems and such.
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Edit, looks like this is up for trade again.

Looking for a Spyderco military for the most part, but others will be considered.
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I'm looking for a new Rookie and have the following Spyderco's for trade:

Caly Jr. ZDP with burgundy FRN (NIB)
Lava SS (#067) (NIB)
vintage Standard SE with black G-10 (new, but no box)
vintage Caly Jr. SE with black micarta (new in Spydie box, by not exact one)
Byrd Raven CE with black blade (NIB)

I also have lightly used Endura 4 CE, with foliage green FRN handles (box)
and a lightly carried Byrd Robin PE with black G-10.

Please reply to: pumapoet at gmail.com.