Spyderco SS Police or Military, which would you prefer for EDC

Jul 22, 2004

I'm planning to buy a new folding knife for EDC. My options are a Spyderco SS Police or a Military. I've handled both, but can't decide. Which of these two would you prefer for EDC? How fast will the Police develope bladeplay? Which is stronger, has the stronger lock?

I favour the Police myself. It's slim profile makes it easy to carry and because its a lockback I trust it more when carrying IWB.

The 'hump' on the Military is quite large and it seems like its harder to get things out of my pocket because of this. Same problem with the Para-mil.

Having said all that though you'll probably find that most here favour the Mil for its grippy G10 handles and full, flat grind.

Good luck on your decision.

BTW theres no bad choice here. They're both good knives.
Military by far, alhough it has a bigger profile (handle and blade) it is a very sturdy knife! Because of the bigger handle u have a better purchase on the knife combines with the G10 handles. The SS police has also a big blade but handles that can get real slippery when in contact with sweat, blood, or other liquids. I have both and prefer the Military, but both are big knives for beeing folders.
just my 2 Eurocents
Hi Guys
Copromise, find a flat ground G10 Police, the best of both worlds. Don't know why spyderco stopped making these.
pmel018 said:
Hi Guys
Copromise, find a flat ground G10 Police, the best of both worlds. Don't know why spyderco stopped making these.

Good call! Never thought of it that way. One of the most prized possesions in my collection.
indeed i also don't understand why Spyderco use the "scratch attracting" and slipery SS on a working knife as the police model? :confused:
PE police.
its slim profile makes it disappears into your pocket easily, for the smooth handle surface, it really doesn't bother me much, and you can put skateboard tape on it.
My vote would go for the Military! I prefer G-10 over Stainless any day, and the lighter weight is nice also. Rides great in the pocket for such a Big Blade!
A police se has been my edc since 1992 or thereabouts. I have the military which is a great knife, but prefer the police. The slim profile really makes this knife easy to carry. After all this time it hasn't lost its edge. The other day I was grilling some steaks and used it to check how they were cooking. It's like I just touched the blade to the meat, no pressure , no sawing, and there it was just cut open like magic.
I confess that I have no experience with the much-vaunted Military, but I can speak for the Police model. Mine is currently on its way to a certain Rebel for modification (lefty clip, tip-up, bottle-opener). I love it and will miss it dearly while it's gone. The VG10 is great steel. Mine is plain-edged. I shared other's concerns about the slipperiness, so I put some 3M grey-colored "skateboard" tape on it in a wavy, snake shape. Works great! I got mine from New Graham Knives a year or so ago. Great people there. No regrets at all from me on the Police model.
I've been bitten by the Spyderbug lately (2 Navigators, Millie, Para, and Herbst), and before my old lady gets a hold of my credit card statement and uses my Spydies on me, I'm thinking about squeezing in a few more.
The Police is definately on my radar, but I haven't jumped at it yet. I agree about the handle "slipperyness" concern in wet weather or with sweaty hands. I'm also not sure how I'll like all that weight riding in my pocket (5.6 oz Police vs.4.2 Millie). As for the "scratch" factor of the SS handles, it only goes to show how hard working your Spydie is.
have had 2 millies and 3-4 police models, i like the police myself, just feels better to me..........
I'd like to just add to the confusion and remind you about the new Manix. Kinda like the Military, but with a lockback.

Haha, now you have 3 knives to choose from!
You will likely find that there are two "camps" here...the practical, task oriented Millie lovers and the Police admirers...there is just something super cool about the s/s Police. :p

Get em' both and let us know what you think. This is what most of us ended up doing.

I wouldn't say that millie lovers are more "practical" than the police amirers. Since easy to carry is a very practical and important issue for daily carry. But I agree that the belly flatgrind blade profile on the millie may be more suitable for every day tasks compared with the thin pointy blade on the police.
I guess what I meant was that to me, the millie is a more practical, down to business design. Hey, I have owned several of each (6 Millies & 8 Police models) and love both designs very much. :) Somehow, I have miraculously managed to pair this down to one of each.

The Manix looks interesting. Can I get some input about the Manix (handle thickness, bladeplay, fit and finish)? Whould you say that it's stronger than Police or Military? How does it compare to the BM 710 (my EDC) with regard to lock strength and handle thickness?

After all, I think I'll own all three one day.
What they said....

Get the G-10 Police! If you want a lighter Police, get the liner-less G-10 (they are very very rare).

Hi Guys
If you want a real light POLICE get an all alloy one. Just had one turn up that I won on Ebay, its absolutely stunning. Shame spyderco can't have another go at these, better alloys, textured scales and some anodising would turn out just nice. :D
PS the carbon fiber ones are light too, need to add texture to the scales though, very slippery. :)
Hi TK power
jhillas has a G-10 plainedge for sale in the For Sale forum right now. He's is a great guy to deal with and knowledgeable about Spydercos.
Get in quick! :eek: