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Spyderco Spyderco's for sale

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Nov 20, 2018
Hello, I have for sale some spyderco's . Knives are New In Box unless stated otherwise. A lot of these are just doubles that have been sitting in my safe unused. The first unconditional "Ill take it" will get the knife. I reserve the right to sell to whom I please. Know your state and local knife laws!
Payments will be made via paypal goods and services. I will eat the fee and shipping! US sales only please!
If you buy more than 1 knife from me in a single purchase I will knock 10 dollars off per knife after the first.
Only trades id consider is for a new Hinderer XM-18 with the cpm20cv and tri way pivot.

1: Manbug Orange FRN HAP 40 - $80 BNIB
2: Gayle Bradley Air NIB however scales have some tiny black specs - $180 NIB Knife was removed from plastic wrap to look at and open.
3: Military Green G10 204-p -$225 BNIB
4: Para 2 Green G10 204-p -$200 BNIB -Sold southtxrunner
5: Para 3 Orange XHP DLC -$200 BNIB
6: Calypso JR Superblue -$120 BNIB
7: Delica Orange Wharncliffe hap40/sus410 -$100 BNIB
8: Native 5 Black G10 Steel Liners S35VN (Very Light user) 130(box foam spyderco booklet)
9: Native 5 Black G10 Steel Liners S35VN (Light user sharpened on sharpmaker)(Has box but no foam or paperwork)-$110
10:Military Orange G10 REX45 -$225 BNIB
11: Delica Stainless Plain Edge -$100 BNIB (still has plastic coating on the scales)
12: Delica Black FRN Wharncliffe -$75 BNIB
13: Police Stainless Combo Edge -$125 BNIB (still has plastic coating on the scales)
14: Gayle Bradley 2 -$150 BNIB
15: Amalgam -$175 BNIB
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If interested in partial trade plus cash I have a lnib benchmade bugout the newer version with od green scales and coated blade with no visible signs of wear only carried once I have everything that comes with it. Also has good quality control from benchmade blade is centered great action and even factory edge if interested in the bugout plus cash on my side for the gale Bradley text me at 2564193376 for pics thanks