Spyderco Spydie, will moon


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Sep 14, 2017
Time to offer up some things I would rather not offer up. Title says all. Conus, PP G&S only. Same ol same ol, I cant post the pics but soot me an email or a phone number and I'll get them there PROMPTLY. Folks if I dont sell these they're going to the pawn shop. Please help me find these guys happy homes

1. Spyderco Drunken. 300. Small flaw on clip. Looks like an issue from factory. Untouched other than casual carry and flipping. No snail trails, no marks or wear to speak of.

2. Will moon mk6 excellent action, 154cm blade. Sort of tealgreen frame with g10 scales - SPF

3. Spydie C28FPTL2- teal dragonfly with s30v blade. Used once or twice, still very sharp, still very clean. - 75

4. Spyderco native 5 fluted CF s90v, C41CFFP5 barely out of box at all, safe queen. 165

5. Spyderco hanan- barely out of box, carried once or twice. C227GP- 165
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