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Guys Im talking about 72" sanding belts. I have a petite 38" waist.

Sing I would be happy to make a bowie for you. When is your Bday?

Its hot here too but I have a swamp cooler to stand in front of.

Indian George told me to close my eyes and tell him what I see. Thats what he is getting me for my Bday.
Happy Birthday Bruce
I don't count mine anymore can't seem to remember just when it was.
Memorys goin. Just like I'LL probaly forget to put this $100 bill in your card.Oh well better luck next year.
Take Care
TJ Smith
Peter, You can get develop "taste." :) Can't even buy "talent." :( (Well, maybe I can by buying some of the knives posted!)

Bruce B, Every day is a bday as long as I am alive. :) But the official one is in May and I'll keep you in mind as I think of Bday gifts to myself! Thanks.
The methane adapter works best after a diet of hard boiled eggs, 3 cans of Hormel Chili, and a 12 pack of Blatz.

I would suggest dunking it in your quench oil before using it though, Bruce!!
Bruce, it is so hot here the neighbor's dog that usually chases my truck just wags his tail when I drive by.

HMMM, I'd like to see a Bruce& Bruce Knife why don't you collaborate one. :D
Xrayed, I bet you could power a small vehicle to town and back. Maybe you are on to something. Have you tried to market the adapter?

TJ sorry about the memory going. Sit down now while you are thinking about it and put that $100 in the mail.

Sing maybe you would buy the knife Bruce E and I may make together? I will make the steel if he does one of his famous double guards and handle. I like it, alot. Bruce what do you say?
Originally posted by Bruce Bump
Xrayed, I bet you could power a small vehicle to town and back. Maybe you are on to something. Have you tried to market the adapter?

The only problem with the setup is that I need to find a gas line that will reach from my forge to the anvil.
Hey Bruce,That sounds like a fun me and we will see what we can come up with.
Bruce E, You have mail. Write soon because Kaye and I are going to the Montana Show on Thursday morning.

Xrayed, Exactly what is a methane adapter?
Originally posted by Bruce Bump

Xrayed, Exactly what is a methane adapter?

Bruce...a methane adapter looks suspiciously like an enema tip.

A real pain in the rump to use too!
Xrayed, have you thought about charging fuel cells with the adapter. You could charge them after a good meal and run your forge all day....or better yet take it to a mexican place and have the customers fill the cells. You could go into business!
If you do go into business just remember me because the methane adapter is mine. Xrayed gave it to me for my birthday. I expect royal checks!
Hi, Bruce, well, my friend, it took 50 long years to get where you are and congratulations are definitely in order! Now if you keep on breathing (an absolute necessity for longevity) for 28 more years you will reach my age. I can still (hard to believe) remember when I was a kid like you--LOL

Bruce, we met in Atlanta and commented on a mutual friend, Nick Wheeler. As a memento of your 50th year I would like to give you a knife sheath for any 4 inch bladed knife that you may have. Send me the knife and I will make a sheath for it and return it to you with Happy Birthday wishes. As the old saying goes--"Ask and you shall receive" occasionaly works!
Regards, Sandy Morrissey
Sandy That is a great Birthday gift! Thanks very much and I will take you up on it. I remember you well. You make a high quality sheath at resonable or below prices. See Guys it does pay to ask. The only other offer Ive had was the methane adapter. It may still pay off though.

Sandy thanks again and I will get a knife off to you asap. Youre the best!
My birthday is on send all that stuff to me and whatever I dont need or want I will forward to bruce on his birthday!!! Besides, hes just a kid and has plenty of time to get that stuff...Im running out of time!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
I just noticed that my Membership status has changed to a Gold Member:)
Thanks to whoever has helped me out with this,what a cool Birthday Present for me :D :D
I can't say thanks enough,I will now have to get my camera re-installed so I can try posting up a picture....