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Stay away from thegrafixguy.com


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Aug 22, 2002
I placed an order on December 30th with
thegrafixguy.com (for $32.95)
I emailed them shortly after to have them email
me a tracking number, to which I received no response.
I logged into their website on the 3rd to check on my
order. It said my order would not ship until the 15th.
I emailed them to see if there was a possibilty it
might ship sooner. I received no repsonse to that. On
the 4th I left a voicemail about the order and
received no response.
On the 6th I emailed them and left a voicemail to
cancel my order (since it was going to take so long to
ship). Again, I received no response.
I emailed again yesterday (the 9th) to cancel the order and was
finally informed that my order would be cancelled but
subject to a 20% "cancellation fee." Once an order is
"in process" it is subject to a cancellation fee. Their policy states
"Due to the price volatility of the market all sales
are considered FINAL at time of purchase and any order
cancellations will be rejected unless the item
qualifies for return as described below. If in the
rare event, due to extenuating circumstances, we agree
to an order cancellation you will be subject to a 20% Restocking / Cancellation Fee if the order has entered processing." Shouldn't my order not be considered "in process if they don't even have it
in stock, and it won't be in stock for 3 total weeks which I was not informed of when I ordered it.
I responded to that and said that my order should
not be considered "in process" but backordered, and
therefore I should've been notified it was
backordered. They also said I waited until today to
contact them which was a long time to wait (I have all
my emails I sent them prior to today). In total I have emailed them 10 times and left two voicemails.
They sent me their backorder policy which states:
"While rare, in the event that the item ordered is NOT
identified as out-of-stock or backordered at the time
of purchase does not guarantee that the product will
be in-stock at the moment you order it. In this event,
we will notify you via e-mail if the item you ordered is
out-of stock and promptly issue a refund to you upon
request if we are unable to ship the order within 10
(ten) business days. After 36 hours, if we do not
receive a response, we will consider the backorder
status as accepted by you and proceed with the
processing of the order. We can NOT be responsible for
notifications not being received due to SPAM filters,
incorrect or misspelled e-mail address or other
internet related causes in regards to the non-reciept
of e-mails by either theGrafixGuy or the customer. If
in doubt on the status of your order, CALL us at
I called and left two voicemails, emailed 9 times. I disputed the charges with my credit card who is investigating the matter. Now the company says they will credit me less the cancellation fee, which is only $5 (so this is not about the money, obviously, it is the principle). They say it is not their fault I did not receive an email from them informing me my order was backordered, though they never said they even sent an email.
I fully read all of their policies before placing an order. As a matter of fact, I feel their policy states I should be entitlesd to a full refund because this item was backordered.
I have reported them to the Better Business Bureau.
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Feb 16, 2005
Thanks for the heads up. Reporting to the BBB is an almost futile exercise. My experience with them has yielded zero results. You can report, but there is almost nothing that ever comes of it. In my experience, the BBB is only good at the front end of a transaction - to warn the buyer before any money changes hands. After the bad deal happens you can report the bad seller in order to warn the next customer. However very few customers check with the BBB before a transaction.


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Mar 12, 2001
If you paid with a Credit card you should call the CC Company ASAP.
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Mar 15, 2005
Yep,thanks. :thumbup:
Too many good places on the net to waste time with them. :barf:
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Nov 9, 2005
Making $$$$ is the bottom line in business. :( Sadly, for some businesses it's the only line.:thumbdn: