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cziv, go read post 112. i dont have a mason jar but maybe if you would pick yours up and take a swig you might figure it out :p :D
i talked to ken last night and so far he said i have found out more than he has. i'm not posting anything else i find out here but if ken wants to he can.

Glad yer on the job dude. :rolleyes:
i REALLY hope this DB gets caught... Stealing the work of a craftsman of this caliber should be hangin offence. It still might be here in Texas for all I know

When they find him, they should take him up to the top of the tallest building around, and defenestrate the hell out of him...

I'm rootin for you Ken!
Did any of these knives every show up? Thy are incredibly beautiful and originally artistic for their time frame. Full of motifs predatorial and tranquil. Sad to hear I hope justice is served . We would have been honored to photograph such inspirational work.
Richard seems to know the most about the answer to your question than anyone except Ken Onion. No one's talking. I assume they're still missing. It really sucks but that's the way things look.
That's messed up! Pawn shops, Airline, online services, And anything else you can think of should be checked. Those knives are absolutely beautiful I hope they are recovored!
man, and we were so close.
Well, if we do find the DB we should put him in the stocks. We need tar and feathers, all the rope in Texas, and a tall oak tree...
man, and we were so close.
Well, if we do find the DB we should put him in the stocks. We need tar and feathers, all the rope in Texas, and a tall oak tree...

Uhmmm...how about NOO! I think the penalty yo suggest is a bit nutty. Maybe 2 to 5 yrs. :(
Wouldn't surprise me if this was the work of the latex fingered TSA. More than once, I had items disappear from my checked luggage. Fortunately, it's been during gov travel and I was reimbursed for the loss.
This makes me cringe.
Funny how I can eventually shrug-off alot of the unpleasant stories in our daily news, as it is not directly related to me, but unpleasant news for a great contributor to the knife industry makes me want to fight.
I'm not even a fan of these particular knives, but I've been looking for them in all my regular knife-stops and can't wait to hear that this ends well.
They're gonna have to surface sooner or later...
Good luck Ken
sons of bitches im on the look out at my local knife places i live in the bay area so i will be looking out for them if i hear anything i will contact you knife addict with info
I live in San Fran and the pawn shops aren't aloud to sell knives of any sort so if he try's to pawn them they will turn him down
I remembered when this happened and it appeared the thieves had to be either TSA or baggage handlers!

Shortly after that incident, a significant arrest was made within baggage handlers at Bradley Int. Airport for stealing from travelers.

Seemed like SOME of those knives would show up eventually?

Bump this back up.
With the few recent thefts and a poach at this year's BLADE Show, I feel that it is important to remember that many other makers' knives have gone missing due to theft as well.
Mr. Onion, may this be the year that yours return home.