Spyderco Stretch HAP40 Burnt Orange

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Jun 20, 2015











I bought this one here a while ago new and never touched it. Perfect specimen, lockup and centering the same. Price: $Sold TYD

A simple "I'll take it" followed by a PM first then an email will secure the item/s for you. The email will be for me to communicate back to you the shipping details. Please do not pay until I ask you to. I will PM you back in the same PM you sent to me confirming the sale and providing you with the payment options listed above.
Time stamp rules apply. Payment is required withing 10 minutes of me sending you the payment options. After 10 minutes it will be for sale to the next person in line.
If you see a dollar amount listed in the bolded price section above it means that the item is available and for sale. No need to ask if it is still for sale.
If after 2 hours I have not responded to your request to buy the item, you are released from the obligation to buy it. It means I am probably sleeping or busy doing something else. But, I will contact you to see if you are still interested in purchasing the item.
Trades are considered, but only with detailed pictures and descriptions of your item/s to me via email. Feel free to make an offer, after consideration I will respond to it.

I will reply to your "I'll take it" PM with payment instructions. Price indicated is "To Your Door." All inclusive. You may pay by Friends and Family or Goods and Services, which ever you prefer.
Within 1 business day of verified payment. I will send you the tracking number via email or PM shortly after I get it.

Questions or comments?
Contact me at grb2eml at gmail.com

My terms and conditions of sale.
Conus sales only.
I choose to sell my items with full disclosure. Too many times I have received things that were not as described and so have you.
I will not allow that to happen with any of my sales.
I promise to not leave out an imperfection so I can sell the item for more money, won't happen, period.
Most of the items I have bought here on BF have been described perfectly and that is what I aspire to. I like that feeling and so do you.
I do not like the feeling of being ripped off and neither do you.
Everything that the item comes with will be shown in the first picture.
The remaining pictures afterwards will only be different views of the item itself for sale.
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