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Strider custom: DDC SMF DGG

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Mar 26, 2007

I am continuing to sell off some knives after a recent home/family emergency has me thinning the herd. For sale is an SMF DGG DDC. I am open to offers. Also - I shouldn't have to mention this, but please don't message me for details, extra pics, etc and then not be interested when it's in the exact condition described. I am very exacting and review each knife for even slight flaws.

Pics are in the links below. I am active duty military and will be able to ship once a week due to my schedule. Currently only accepting Paypal; F+F preferred or add 3.5%. Add $10 for shipping. CONUS shipping only right now. No box included. No trades.

**A firm "I'll take it" will always take priority over an "interest" or "need more pics/details"**

For sale:
SMF Double Gunner Grip (DGG) DDC (Dwyer Custom). D2 steel blade with a custom recurve 3/4 grind. Knife has seen light carry, light use, and sharpening. Very smooth opening and tight lockup ("old" style lockup). $SOLD
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