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Strider Folders - why so expensive?

Dec 13, 2006
Hey guys,

I'm new to knives and I'm in the market for a nice folder .... I've been checking out Emerson, Benchmade, Strider, etc...

I think the wave knives from Emerson are really cool .. and they're quite affordable.

Why are the Striders so expensive - specifically the RC? Emerson and Benchmade have cool patents on various locking and opening systems ... is there some sort of technology in the Striders that I'm missing?

I think the Strider RC looks amazing and I'd love to have one, but why is it $650 bucks? what justifies the cost - appearance, quality, technology?

Looking forward to your opinions...

there probably isnt an easy answer to your questions.

i know titanium and s30v are difficult materials to work with, so may have something to do with cost. the recurve grind on the rc is also not easy. and i believe any knife with bolsters is more difficult to make.

if you look at the msrp for emerson's, the prices are similar to strider for a similar sized knife. ernies customs routinely sell for over 1000.00, though not if you get one directly from him, they are 550.00 if you are lucky enough to win the drawing.

im not a knifemaker but i also would speculate the folders prices also reflect the installation of the hinderer lock bar stabilizer on the framelocks.

if you like the striders, then the price is worth the knife. they never sell at below retail except on the secondary market.

and the rcc, the smaller version of the rc, is more affordable at 300.00
Robstar, check out the Kershaw Ti Bump in Blue or Green. Titanium handle Framelock with recurved polished S30V steel and fast assisted opening. MSRP only $275 but can usually be found for less on Ebay. Great knife!

They charge the price people are willing to pay, you aren't necessarily getting a better knife from a function standpoint for the money. This is true for many models and brands. Buy a Strider if you want a Strider. If you just want a quality knife, you don't need to spend that much. Simply a matter of personal preference.
I don't own any Striders but maybe Hype has something to do with the price, the Operator factor.
I think the RC is one of the best deals around. I'm using mine everyday and it's worth every cent. Check out how much Titanium was turned into dust to make room for the G10 inserts.
Thanks for all the info !

What type of opening mechanism does Strider use? I really like Kershaw's Speedsafe, and ernie's wave looks cool....

is the Strider RC a manual folder or is there something cool to it? what is FRAMELOCK STRIDER FOLDER DESIGN ?

I think the opening mechanism will be a deciding factor for me .... thanks again!
Why, because I like to make an educated guess when I drop a couple of hundred bucks on a folder..... yeah........ thanks for coming out.
My strider opens when I just "think" it open (or closed), don't have to touch it.

Sometimes on rainy days I have to try a couple of times though. I'm looking into getting a high gain yagi antenna for it to help. It costs extra though.
as we all know, trolls pay for membership

Striders are manual openers, but you could look into the ZT line, a Strider/Onion collab by Kershaw. they have AO blades.
robstar just noticed you're in toronto. I have some knives for you to handle in person. i'm in barrie.

the rc is not nearly the fastest knife to open, but it's not the worst. an smf or sng are much faster with a hole.

mind you, some people "wave" out their thumbstud striders (rc/ar/gb) using the thumstuds, but it's not something i've accomplished, though with some practise opening them manually ain't so bad.
Wow, that's great, thanks guys .. I noticed the ZT line .. a strider with speedsafe, very nice!

The smf and sng are really nice and almost half the price .... Now I just have to decide which to get !
hey talonturbo, thanks for the offer, maybe I'll pop by sometime when I'm visiting my girlfriend's parents! :D :thumbup:
You pay for the honor of having Mick personally insult you if you post any warrantee issue on the forums! :D
mind you, some people "wave" out their thumbstud striders (rc/ar/gb) using the thumstuds, but it's not something i've accomplished, though with some practise opening them manually ain't so bad.

Put a zip tie in a SMF or SnG opening hole and it waves pretty well.:thumbup:
I think the RC is one of the best deals around.

How so? It's one thing to try describing the various virtues that might make an individual feel a knife is "worth" such a high asking price, but calling a $600+ folder "one of the best deals around" is a bit of a stretch, in my opinion. Of course, you're also entitled to yours, but I'd be interested in your explanation of what makes it such a tremendous value.