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May 16, 2017
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Four for SALE today. Not looking for trades. Prices are inclusive of PayPal fees and insured USPS priority mail.

NONE of these are mint. All have cut paper and been lightly stropped. The SMF Strider has cut cardboard on a few occasions. Each of these knives will have a few marks, pocket rubs, shiny spots on the clips etc. These knives were not put into carry rotation - they are BIG knives. They are all in excellent condition. Pics were taken to show the worst. More pics can be sent via email or text if requested. Individual details below in order that the knives appear in pics.

STRIDER SMF CPM20CV: I went through 3 SMF's to find this one. This SMF has ZERO play, ZERO lock rock, ZERO lock stick. Centering is perfect to my eye. Action is smooth - finger flick open. This SMF is capable of being drop shut but I like to keep my pivots tight. Lock up is at 8% - long life ahead of this one. Nicely broken in. Edge is at original factory angle - HAS been touched up on fine DMT plates, fine ceramics and green strop. There are snail trails on titanium lock side, a few marks on the Gunner Grip aluminum show side scale. The pivot has a few tiny shiny spots - always used a proper Strider pivot tool for adjustments. Clip has a few rubs scratches. Only selling because I cant carry a knife this size at work. Comes in tactical strider zip lock bag.

SOLD Asking $515.00

ZERO TOLERANCE 0804CF CTS204P: Catch / Release. I think I'm second, or third owner. This knife has seen little to no real use. I have lightly stropped and cut paper only. Action is crisp - still needs to be broken in. There are a few marks in the DLC coating that will more than likely come off with a wipe down. The CF scale is immaculate, scratch / chip free. The centering in perfect. The lock up is right around 35-40% and NOT going anywhere. This knife can be a little stiff to disengage lock bar / close, not even close to being broken in. Comes with box, paperwork - box is a little beat up. Will drop shut with a little shake.

SOLD Asking $190.00

FREEMAN 451 D2: Catch / Release. I had to try well reviewed button lock, prefer my frame locks. There have been a few owners of this one - 4 ? This knife was recently sent in for spa / warranty work by previous owner. This knife is excellent. NO play, Drop shut, crisp detent / action, SHARP edge. This is a great knife to fidget with / carry. There is absolutely no unwanted movement on this blade - impressive action. This one has a few marks in the coating, nothing bad. Will make a perfect user. Comes with box and all factory swag - pen, fob, warranty card.

SOLD Asking $135.00

CURTISS F3 Large Custom CTS-XHP: Recently picked this one up from a very reputable seller. Im probably never going to use a knife this nice. This particular F3 is not like any Ive personally ever seen. Scales are stonewashed olive / bronze - ish , semi frag pattern machining on both scales. Hardware / Pivot / Clip & Blade are dark matte gray stonewashed. Edge is original from Curtiss - Sharp and THIN behind the edge. This is like a straight razor with a reinforced tip (hollow ground until the compound grind transitions into flat at the tip). I have stropped this one, cut some paper. The action is effortless and smooth as glass. DROP SHUT. NO PLAY. Lock up is right at 33% and centering looks to be 51/49 favoring show scale (might be the grind on the blade though?). Beautiful hand made piece. Comes with Zipper pouch / patches - I DO NOT HAVE THE COA Card - I'm sure you could get one from maker though.

Asking $615.00

Please understand and respect local / state Laws.

No sales to Minors

CONUS shipping preferred - CANADA is not out of range though, if buyer pays fees / shipping.


Please PM questions.
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Jan 24, 2011
That Curtiss looks familiar, I sold that one a while back and have never seen another like it. GLWS, surprised it hasn’t been snatched up already.
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