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Strider nail, rail panels, f/h’s, c/h’s, etc

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Jan 4, 2018
Good afternoon all,

Just clearing out some things that aren’t getting any play over here. Hopefully, somebody out there has a good use for suma this.

Strider Nail - 20CV. About 7”. Purchased from this same forum. Has a few small scratches. Carried in my PC for a few weeks, but never actually used it. Includes the kydex scabbard, but no original packaging.
$OLD G&S gets it shipped USPS priority CONUS

KAC skeletonized barrier stop - New in bag. Keymod mounting interface w/ integrated QD socket.
$30 shipped CONUS

KAC 7.62 QDC flash suppressor - 3/4”x24thread. Came off an sr25. Only about 100rd sailed through it before it was removed. They get over 160 for these new. Includes 5 shims to help ensure a proper fit.
$60 shipped CONUS

KAC 11rib rail panel set - for URX, RAS, and just about every mil spec quad rail out there. Includes 3 X 11rib panels and a single 6rib panel.
$40 shipped CONUS

Bundle of 2 OEM charging handles & 2 5.56 A2 style flash hiders - Both c/h came out of new kit, but have marks from dry charging. The ass end of one is cerakoted grey from the factory. Both A2 were previously mounted. If memory serves, they came off BCM barrels & are threaded 1/2”x28.
$25 shipped for the bundle CONUS

*Also available ONLY to anyone who purchases any of the items listed above, a NIB KAC taupe 7 piece flat panel kit for urx4 keymod $15 shipped

Thanks so much for the looks BF. I appreciate your time!

7B20B7F4-5937-4A7A-9971-906B04648FB8.jpeg B58BD21D-DCAA-4B27-A959-AA8C2E05520B.jpeg 21E2DFF9-B5F6-46DD-B22B-BF40F0E2DA0D.jpeg 5DED6D69-50C8-4799-B650-6C34DB1C9638.jpeg EC05057E-EAAE-4C8A-B63D-BDD2D56F2E31.jpeg 5BB24167-7392-4EC1-9A7D-DABCEB474F01.jpeg 9D142C29-3D87-46D0-9409-FFD2B27533DC.jpeg 1E31B063-C657-4762-B887-1B229516E61C.jpeg 38D0E8B1-0408-4043-B642-A37ECC34183D.jpeg
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