suggestions: 3" or sub, lightweight folder

Oct 24, 2000
after carrying my BM 710 for a few weeks now (and loving it), it seems that there are a few things that bother me when wearing a suit. 1) it i rather heavy and hangs heavy in the pocket when clipped. 2) it is a bit too big to pass off to any curious LEO, given that we have a 2.5" limit (and anything larger is caonsidered Armed Violence, a nice fat felony). i took a look at the cold steel voyager MT29. seems to be a nice very light (2.2 oz) folder with a 3" blade. seems about right for defense/toolage. and not so big that an LEO will really be upset about it unless i do something majorly wrong. in any case, i am looking for a LIGHT WEIGHT, 3" or sub blade, strong folder that can be clipped in a suit pant pocket and work all purpose. i personally happen to like the tanto design, but that isn't a MAJOR issue, but would be nice. any suggestions? the CS seems to fit in there, but hey, i'm asking...
thanks much.

(btw, where i live it is a crime to fir projectiles from TOY GUNS!)
There's nothing wrong with the Medium (3 inch) Cold Steel Voyager. That's what I currently carry (Tanto, 50/50 serrated edge) along with my Cold Steel 5 inch Gunsite Folder, and it seems to have held-up very well.

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How about a 705? Same design as the 710 but smaller.

I would also recommend the Spyderco Calypso jr lightweight or Native in 440-V

Dennis Bible
What about SPYDERCO Calypso Jr. Lightweight?
Really lightweight, very comfortable to hold, totally ambidextrous and non-scary looking knife, isn't it?
Excellent cutter

In that size, the Benchmade 705 Axis lock cannot be beat. Axis lock, thick liners and handle scales, 2.95". Great tool.

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The medium CS Voyager would be a good choice. However, my pesonel preference is for Spyderco. The Delica at 3", the Calypso Jr. at
2 7/8", or the Native at 3 1/8" (a little over your specs). The Calypso Jr. is a safe bet.

I posted my review of the new 3" Impulse from Outdoor Edge a few days ago, and you may want to read it. It sounds to me like you are looking for the same type of knife.

The Impulse is very light, and you can drop it in your pocket or use the nifty pocket-clip to clip it inside your pants pocket. It has a very strong lock with a sturdy yet lightweight blade. (You did mention that light weight is paramount.) It has a modified tanto point, which you say would prefer overall, and it has a very distinctive and somewhat dressy look that I am sure you'll like. The knife is a highly functional, in my experience, and probably not to be easily misunderstood as a trouble-making knife if you every have to explain it to anyone.

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I have to agree with Dennis...I took a chance on the BM705 for myself as a new "left pocket" carry piece. I was carrying a Spyderco Delica and just really wanted to try something new. I've had the BM705 for 2 days now and really like it. some other options might be a CRKT Urban Shark or Point Gaurd. Very lightweight, good bang for the buck also. Heck, you could get 1 of each or more for what you paid for the BM710....
If you wanted to really upgrade, go for a Small Sebenza, maybe a Microtech Mini-Socom...There are lots of options available for sure.

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If I was looking for a lightweight in that
range of size, I would immediately consider:

1) Benchmade 820 or 825 Ascent
2) Benchmade 855 Pardue
3) CRKT Apache II or Apache III
4) CRKT M16-00F Carbon Fibre
5) Spyderco Delica

These are all light, small, and cheap enough
that you won't cry if you lose one (with the
possible exception of the little Pardue).

Your preference for small, tanto, 3", dressy describe the medium Impulse from Outdoor Edge very well. It's inexpensive too, usually $35 or less in a brick and mortar. I haven't seen it yet at an internet dealer.

Good looking and functioning Darrel Ralph design in a production folder.

I haven't seen it yet at an internet dealer.

Good looking and functioning Darrel Ralph design in a production folder.

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I think that is the knife that suits your specifications best. I own one, and think it is excellent. Check or contact Outdoor Edge for a dealer.

Ditto everyone who has suggested the 705. The familiarity with it and the 710 is also a plus.

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Calypso Junior Liteweight! Easy open, light weight, excellent full grind blade profile, exceptional VG-10 alloy. One of the best performing knife packages I've used.
For a 2.5" length as in chicago, I carry a CRKT Urban shark, plain blade. I am having Warren Thomas make a 2.5" Ti folder with Clip. I asked Reeve knives to put a clip on an UMFAAN but they wouldn't do it. I guess that's what happens when you go into production.
I pretty much concur on the Calypso Jr. I would add the G-10 Rookie as well.

Roger Blake
Vactor, If you have a 2.5" limit, that what it means, 2.5"! Don't count on a LEO giving you a break in this day and age. You also have to be aware of the penelty, is it a misdemanor or felony. there is a big difference in the consequences. My advice is to have an attorny find you the relavent law and also confer with your LLEA(Local Law Enforcement Agency) to get a complete understanding of the laws and consequences.
well, carrying ANYTHING that is a dangerous weapon (including a baton, sock/sand etc etc) is a felony, but the characterizing the nature of the weapon is in the apparent discretion of the LEO and Prosecutor. this is the state law. the city ordinance which provides for a fine of up to $2000 nd up to 6 months in jail characterizes a knife with a blade of more than 2.5" as illegal.

again, these alws are there to protect me, yet not a week ago a friend of mine was robbed by a homeless man with a knife 2 block from my house at 9 in the morning. i feel so much safer knowing that crimes are prevented after putting a bad guy in jail (if they find him, enough evidence and a willing witness) preventing him from comitting FURTHER crimes, that is until he is let out of jail to make room for the drug abuser :/

thanks for the advice, i take this seriously, and will stick to 2.5" or less for my next knife, but damn if this isn't just some stupid stuff my legislators do.

You might want to consider the CRKT S-2 or Mirage Titanium. Both have blades of 2.5" or less, made of ATS-34 (S-2) or Acuto 440 (Mirage).

Also, both of them are titanium, and use the frame lock (integral lock) system. Very light! Both are under 2oz. Both have clips, but neither come with a tanto blade.

Either one can be had for under $75.00.

The BM855 is a pretty nice choice too, but the blade is over 2.5".

CRKT Mirage Gray Ghost or Mirage Titanium. These knives are super value for money and are well-built with clean grind lines, nicely finished, positive lockup.

The Mirage Titanium is a terrific knife: a very nice 2.3" blade of ACUTO 440, titanium frame-lock (like the Sebenza), lightweight at 1.4 ounces. If you work in a corporate enviroment like me, you'll appreciate the non-tactical appearance. Even the women in my office seem to think it is "cute"


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If you wanted to really upgrade, go for a Small Sebenza, maybe a
Microtech Mini-Socom...There are lots of options available for sure.

Whoa, did you say Mini-Socom? Now you've got my attention! Does this actually have a less-than 3" blade? Tell me I'm not dreaming!