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Surefire Pricing Announcment


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Mar 1, 2000
SureFire has let us know that as of July 1, if we want to remain a SF dealer will will have to sell at full MSRP. We are seeking clarification on this policy regarding military and law enforcement sales, but for all other customers we're not left with much choice. We will post details on this letter on our webstore shortly.

We will continue to honor our current pricing for all orders placed until Midnight, June 30. After June 30, we will be advertising all SureFire products at full MSRP.

We appreciate your support through these changes, and will continue, however possible, to provide you with the best possible value on your SureFire purchases. Heck, we may even start tossing in free sets of batteries with each flashlight, who knows.

Military and LEO customers, we'll be offering additional savings to you when we have guidance from SureFire.
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Jun 7, 2004
over at candle power forum, my understanding was that you must advertise at full MSRP....but if you provide an 800 number next to the picture of the light, you can discount over the phone to your customers

it's only online orders that must sell at MSRP.

please correct me if i'm wrong (it wouldn't be yhe first time) :)