Swamp Rat and Wombat

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    Aug 30, 2018
    Yeah, anything that big with large teeth will give you a scare but alligators aren't very aggressive by their nature unless a female is protecting a nest or they are VERY hungry.

    A guy working with my wife was attacked by a female his first day on the job. He was wading through the marsh at a nature preserve here in South Florida and got too close to the nest. She (the gator) didn't puncture his hip waders so he just had some bruises but it sure scared the :poop: out of him.

    The company ordered a bunch of Sogfari knives for anybody that went in the field so I ended up with my wife's when she left the company. I use it when chopping sometimes if my Battle Saw isn't close by.
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    Roo tastes to me a little like elk. Fantastic meat. Won’t touch it anymore. Made the mistake of going to .... I think it was Cleland Wildlife Park near Adelaide. Got to pet a ... Western Gray(?). Practically held hands with it. I’ve got photos around here somewhere. Won’t touch kangaroo meat after that. I’ll hunt, kill, eat, deer all day long. Elk. Turkey. Even squirrel. No more roo.

    Not an option in the States anyway, so don’t need to worry about it.
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    Sep 7, 2011
    You just gotta love Wombats:thumbsup:

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