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Sway Back Slip Joint Knife - G10


Slip Joint Knife Maker
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Oct 24, 2005
Folder - #558
Scales - Black G10 ......... Steel - 1/16'' ATS34 - Rc. 60 - 61
This is a linerless folder.
Shield - Stainless - inlaid & dbl. pinned.
Closed - 3 1/4''
Hollow ground ......... Hand Finished.......... Cryogenic Quenched
Closes dead center .......... Half Stop .......... Razor Sharp.
Walk & Talk is very, very nice.
Shipped in a protective case.
You can say I'll take it here.
PayPal only please.
Thanks for the looks - any question or comments are welcomed.
(Photo is a bit off showing the knife)

Todd Davison​

Sold - Thanks!​


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Payment received fine - Thanks Dale,

Please let me know when you get the knife.

I appreciate it. - ENJOY THE NEW KNIFE......... :thumbup::D

Thanks for the replies there guys..... :thumbup:


This knife is sold - Thanks!