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TallPaul ... GOOD

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Apr 2, 1999
I have just completed another purchase from TallPaul. Everything went well and as an added benefit we had a nice conversation regarding knives. I just upgraded my membership to gold, because without Bladeforums I would not have had the opportunity to meet Paul and other knife nuts.
Thanks Spark for all your work.
Dale Richmond :D
I'd have to say that both Tallpaul and Dalerich are assets to Bladeforums. I've not bought from Tallpaul yet but I can say confidently he would be an A++

Both men are top notch and a pleasure to speak to and to deal with.

Sorry we/I missed the opportunity to meet up with you both at the show a couple of weeks ago. There will be other chances I'm sure.

:D Chad
Dale, I am glad you decided to sign up.... I finally got mine- my virus protection program screwed up the web-purchase option and I finally called it in only to have to call back with my handle name :D finally got it. Thanks again Dale for the talonite tadpole... COOL KNIFE... and chirptle- maybe you will be good enough to join us someday :)

PS- Dale Rich definately good !!!!
Do not forget to give me first crack at the wood inlay Sebenza when it comes in. I have my fingers crossed for a California Buckeye burl.
Great doing business with you.