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Thailand troubles...

Discussion in 'H.I. Cantina' started by namaarie, Sep 19, 2006.

  1. namaarie


    Aug 23, 2004
    Smoke request for Thailand today. There's a coup underway that, while not yet violent, is always unsettling. My girlfriend's entire extended family lives there, so my contact to this issue is pretty personal. Let's hope this doesn't get ugly.

  2. Sylvrfalcn


    Jun 4, 2002
    I have friends from Thailand, good people, you can count on my prayers Chris, that situation does sound a bit dicey at best.

  3. Fiddleback

    Fiddleback Knifemaker Moderator Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider

    Oct 19, 2005
    Smoke up from Atlanta bro.
  4. spiraltwista


    Nov 29, 2002
    Smoke up from the UK.

  5. Steely_Gunz

    Steely_Gunz Got the Khukuri fevah Moderator

    May 9, 2002
    Smoke up, Chris.

  6. FallingKnife


    Jul 13, 2003
    I just cooked Thai food last night. Unfortunately I was out of lemongrass. Sorry.

    Smoke up.
  7. richardallen


    Oct 15, 2002

  8. arty


    Oct 18, 2003
    I am concerned. My wife's friend lives there, but seems to think that there is nothing to worry about.
  9. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    The world needs prayers. Everywhere. Prayers from Montana.

  10. jurassicnarc44


    Apr 14, 2005
    These people have been and will continue to be our best friends in Asia. I hope this is resolved quickly and with a minimum of hurt.
  11. munk


    Mar 22, 2002
    That's good to know, Jurrassic, about our friendship with Thailand.

  12. I heard about this on the news today, I hope that everyone over there is okay.
  13. Kismet


    Jan 30, 2002
    Of course, Chris.

    Be well and safe.
  14. jurassicnarc44


    Apr 14, 2005
    I was in Thailand IIRC 1973 when Kittakachorn pulled a coup....there's probably been a dozen since then. Note please that these are pretty much not against the Monarchy, rather against Politicians who try to manuver wealth around out of the country for their own benefit. Most Thai coups have been well planned not to screw with the common guy on the street, but to clean house, so to speak. Most are relatively bloodless, more evidence of being well planned. The current General will probably have elections next year as announced, and step aside. Note this coup has the King's strong support! And the little brown people of Thailand will bounce back, smiling as always.
  15. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999
    Unfortunately, there is a fly in the ointment. The Commanding General, and his Chief of Staff are both muslim; and, they have announced that as their first order of business; after suspending democracy, and ousting the elected government; will be to normalize a relationship with the rebellious musilims in the South. This is a military action on part of Islam. We can pretend otherwise - but, the growing global war has just claimed another victim. It will not be long before the Burkas are rolled out and Shira law becomes dominant.

    You can read about it here:


  16. namaarie


    Aug 23, 2004
    Hey, n2s, I think I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one. Yup, he's a Muslim, but this isn't about his faith. It's about corruption and dissatisfaction with the current administration. The military is loyal to (and the whole country truly ADORES AND REVERES) their King, who is a pretty good guy. Furthermore, he's a Buddhist with a long history of secular tolerance and a genuine desire to improve the lives of his subjects, regardless of faith. To call this a Muslim coup is not correct, and any change in position with regard to the the insurgency is probably just a temporary expedient solution while they're dealing with this.

    My $0.02.

  17. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999

    I don't share your confidence; but, I hope that you are right.

  18. not2sharp

    not2sharp Gold Member Gold Member

    Jun 29, 1999
    "An exiled rebel leader welcomed the military coup, saying it could help resolve the country's bloody Muslim insurgency.

    Lukman B. Lima, head of one of several groups fighting the central government for a separate Muslim state, said Sondhi, a Muslim, was the "only one who knows the real problems" of the Muslim-dominated provinces of southern Thailand."

    Rest of the article is here:


  19. Astrodada


    Sep 9, 2005
    My old high-school mate was from thailand...he sums it like this...coup ....??

    Change of hands to make money.
  20. namaarie


    Aug 23, 2004
    Yeah, Astro, thats pretty much what I've been hearing, too. I've spoken with my girlfriend's family about this at length. All their relatives are in Bangkok. Still pretty much business as usual, just with a new face on the gov. and some more troops on the streets. But people aren't really scared or anything.

    And yes, this general was largely appointed because he was Muslim in the first place, so that he might be seen as more sensitive to the issues of the Muslim minority in the South. Sort of a policy of trying to win the hearts and minds, as I take it. Anyhow, it's true that the insurgents didn't like Thaksin, but neither did a LOT of Thailand, Bangkok's predominantly Buddhist political elite among them. Really, I think this General's allegiance is to Thailand, or his King, or his revolution, or something else tangible. This has certainly not taken a religious bent yet, and would stand no chance of doing so because the military and country are so overwhelmingly Buddhist, excluding the south.

    But as Astrodada said, I think the Thai peoples' biggest concern right now is economic.


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