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The "cutting ability" of Spyderco's Delica '98

A guy at work Friday, was telling me how impressed he is with the '98 Delicas' tip strength. He was cutting BBs out of something, I don't know why he was doing this, but he sure likes his knife!

Mark Camp

"Life is nothin' but a series of fascinations"

Ok, and lots of hard work...

I *love* the delica/endura, though must confess I usually break off about half a millimeter of the tip pretty quickly.

I usually cite the Delica as the top of the price/performance ladder. Once you've spent $30 for your delica, I feel you're looking at diminishing returns. You can go buy a $60 knife, but you won't get twice the performance!

I also use the delica and endura as the "control" knives for all knife reviews I do. I feel any knife performance review must contain a comparison to a control knife. Knowing "it cuts 30 pieces of rope before it gets dull" is not interesting unless you know how other knives do on that same piece of rope. The delica/endura are great control knives because their performance is outstanding for their cost, but it is possible to get better cutting performance with some careful design. Still, the delica/endura will outcut many many more expensive knives.

Light, easy to open, solid cutting performance, ergonomic. They're awesome!

Hey Bill...

You think you're the only one? lol..
Heck, I've been browsing through BFC, and everytime I see something that people has something good to say about, I ended up getting that particular knife.
Is it only me? or is this also happening to some of you guys? hahaha..

I'm sure VISA has an ear-to-ear grin right now... (oowww.. my aching wallet)

I'm going for the Endura98.
The Delica is a bit small for my use. But I'm sure both are outstanding performers, as I have yet to see any complaints so far. Best bang for the buck, I'd say.

What does ATS-55 have over ATS-34 anyway? duh.. here we go again!

I've heard ATS-55 is supposed to be easier to sharpen than 34 (I haven't needed to resharpen mine yet), supposed to be less brittle, and in my experience, though they both require care, the 55 seems to resist rust better than uncoated 34 (in my experience), though it can stain.