The First Annual BladeForums Knife Show!!!!!!!

Sep 23, 1999
Wouldn't it grand to have an annual BladeForums sponsored knife show! Let Mike and Spark know if you would show up or not by speaking up in this thread.

Take care!! Michael

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do it!

except you gotta keep it near the middle of the country,like ARKANSAS.

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We'd need to have it somewhere that airfare would be as cheap as possible..... New Orleans, Branson or somewhere similar. I think it would be a great idea!


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Reno or Vegas. There's always cheap package deals on airfare and hotels!
Do it in Branson and I am there. I lived there for years and now I am only an hour away.

I'd be up for it if I could make it. Try keeping it somewhere kinda cheap and do it in the summer and I'll probably be there.
Go with the Branson!

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Middle of the country sounds good, but so does FL (low 20s today)

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I think it would be easier for the BF staff to have it in Jacksonville!!


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Orlando would be the wisest choice.

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Orlando would definitely be the place. Great weather year 'round. More hotel rooms than anywhere else in the USA. Family type entertainment everywhere (Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Disney MGM Studios, Disney Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands Of Adventure, Seaworld, Paradise Island, CityWalk, Church Street Station the list goes on and on...boating, fishing, and the beaches not far either. An excellent international airport , and mega amounts of convention type spaces to rent. Knife buyers could make a great vacation of it, for the whole family. These and many other reasons, are why the Knifemakers Guild is returning to Orlando. If BF teamed up with the Florida Knifemakers Guild, it would be a great show.
I think Orlando is a great choice. And it would be cheaper than most cities. At the last NYC show in November. I heard Les complain on how much it cost them to be there. It cost about $700 for the table. Add in hotel, airfare, taxis, subway food and this is a real pricy vacation. And because of this the makers have to charge a higher price. To a new yorker Orlando would be a better choice because we could go to the show and still do lots of things at night. Have a great time and you could bring your family who does not care that you are looking at knives while they are on the beach. Just a thought.


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I guess if this is the type of thing that may materialize one day, you don't have to be anchored to one location. Move from year to year, 1st year Orlando, next year Las Vegas, etc..
This way everyone has an equal chance to go to the show.
Hmmm.... I'm liking the Orlando thing the more you guys talk about it. Could sell the wife by getting her to hang out with the kids while I'm checking out blades. The distance is a drag and alligators freak me out but I guess it does have some advantages.

Hell. find a member with some acreage and do it rendezvous style. SO what if we have to rough it a bit, its about knives and friends getting together. Might start a new trend.
Rendevous Style......Jackson's Hole in the Spring anyone?
Great idea, just move it over the pond to Sweden, Alingsås would be perfect

You guys need to travel some and we got a lot of good looking women here (most probably some good looking men too for the women)

Not gonna happen but i need a good knifeshow, there aren't any here in Sweden.

Be well!/Jonas aka 2Sharp

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