The First Annual BladeForums Knife Show!!!!!!!

Jake; for a guy that smokes Hay that ain't a half bad idea.

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I would try to make it there every year, no matter where it was held. I think it is an awesome idea!!


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Orlando probably would be the best. October is really a nice month down here and you can do something different every night for a year.

Last time I went to training in Missouri, everyone was amazed that I was from Florida. "You came HERE?! Why?!" No offense guys.

Vegas would be fun, but I was just there for the "Soldier of Fiction (Fortune)" Convention. Talk about a loser of a show. Let's just say the venders had plenty of time to sit around and talk. You could shoot down the isles without fear of hitting anyone and when someone did show up, they were looking for paintball accessories.

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Ya know, guys, the Blade Show in Atlanta is probably REAL close to a BF show already. A ton of forumites show up, more custom and production makers than you can shake a stick at, cheap hotel rooms near the show location, big airport with flights to everywhere, shopping galore for the wives... I mean, the Blade Show is where it's at!

It's not in a "central" location, but with the proliferation of shows across the country - Blade Show West, New York, Dallas, Chicago, Timonium, Solvang, Winston-Salem, Las Vegas, the Guild show back in Orlando next year, etc... - I'm not sure if another show could attract enough makers and manufacturers to make it worthwhile. Besides, Mike and Spark already set up at the Blade Show. The last two Blade Shows have been like a BF reunion for the many forumites who showed up.

Just my two cents...

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I like Jake's idea!! Kit, you got room for 8000 knifenuts with probably 25000 sharp shiney blades???? Might wanna check on how much portapotties cost for the weekend.

Take care!! Michael

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I love the Orlando idea. It would be a chance to take in a great knife show and take the family on a vaction. Make it in the winter and we could get away from some of that lovely Canadian weather. I could go for that.
As a member of the Florida Knifemakers Association,I think Orlando would be great.October is when we hold our annual show,but I would contact our board of directors for more info.Dave