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Jan 19, 2000
Do you have a couple (or more) knives that are just so good, you will never sell or trade? I have several knives that for one reason or another will always stay with me. My grandfathers pocket knives for example. Fellow BF member Daniel D. and myself are having our LCC DA's customized to commemorate (sp?) my kidney transplant on September 6th. (Daniel is my donor.) What knife or knives will go to your kids?
I have 2 knives -- of 30-40 -- that I think I could bear to part with. I buy knives because I'm interested in them and like them. I want them to be mine. The notion of trading, except those couple is foreign to my nature. I frankly don't see how guys do it all the time.
Of the many knives I own, I can only think of three I couldn't part with.
Colonial SAK kock off, I got this one for my 9th birthday.
Western barlow, traveled many miles through my teenage years.
CRK small Sebenza, the pefect EDC knife.

My fathers Ka-bar, and my limited edition red handle Sifu. Both will be given to daughter someday.
B. best wishes on a fast recovery
I have the knife I made under Jim Schmidt,A rough house anscestor's bowie,and my uncle's WWII Kabar. If the house was on fire I'd get burnt real bad getting them out.

A Ken Onion fixed blade. She's a beaut!:cool:
I have many knives that I'll not part but one stands before others as THE KEEPER:
Small pheasant tail Sebenza my wife gave me in the first morning as a married couple.
other keepers are large Spyderco Calypso as it is so fabulous and Martiini Arctic Leuku as there are so many memories involving that knife
Out of 30 or 40 production knives, I'd have to say that only a couple of mine are the "hand it down to your children" kind of great. I think that a couple of factors come into play here. First off, the knife has to be drop-dead gorgeous. Second, the knife has to extremely functional. Third, the quality of craftsmanship has to be right up there. As I only have production/pseudo-production knives so far, very few meet these high standards. As much as I love my Sebenza, and carry it regularly, I don’t think it falls into this category. It’s just not drop-dead gorgeous. It’s probably the best made pseudo-production knife of all time, but the looks leave me a little cold.

One that is being saved for my future children is my 125th Anniversary Edition Camillus EDC. This is a limited production run, and the looks are positively breathtaking. Camillus also did a sensational job with quality control on this EDC. The grind lines are perfect. The lockup is perfect. It’s just as perfect as I could ever expect. Of course, the exceptional styling by Darrel Ralph makes this natural also. This EDC has it all.


The other is my PCKS Buck 110. This is the knife that children will have to pry out of my cold, dead hands. The Buck 110 is one of the most popular knives of all time, and that’s just for starters. This was my first ‘over-a-hundred-dollar’ knife, and the quality blew me away!!! I’ve seen a lot of expensive customs that don’t have stag this nice. The fit and finish are beyond extraordinary, and there are many unusual aspects to the knife. The finger grooved handles, partial serrations, and BG-42 steel all make this a very unique piece, which were custom made to my wishes. I feel naked right now as the knife is in Buck’s knife shoppe having the blade engraved. And yes, this 110 has already begun developing memories. The blade is now being engraved with its name, which was given by family on a camping trip. My Buck is called ‘The Angry Beaver’ for its astounding cutting ability on wood. Just wait ‘til I get this sheath finished that I’m working on.

1st Gen Microtech LCC M/A
Microtech Kestrel-A ;)
Spyderco 2001 G-10 Civilian

I would not willingly part with any of my knives. I trade and sell my guns all the time (except for a special couple of them), but I still have every knife I ever bought or was given to me, well, except for the couple three I've lost or had stolen.
Good luck with your surgery. I'll be praying for you.

Never sell?
my next DDR EDC:p
Busse Natural Outlaw
some knives my great-grandfather made
The rest are expendable.
Years ago my wife gave me a stainless lockback engraved with my name. The other side says she loves me.
I would never sell it.
While I love all my knives there are only a few that will go to the grave with me. First will be my straigh handled battle mistresses (current count=2), and my other love which is arriving TODAY !! the Cold Steel Imperial Tai Pan. All others I could part with if need be.
Hey Donovan, I'm 44 also and not only do my 2 sons have my knives divided up between them, they keep trying to tell me what to buy next,LOL. It's like they're putting in their orders :D

I'm getting suspicious though, the other day one of them said to me,Dad, remember to look both ways when you cross the street,up and down :eek:

Brian, will be praying for your successful operation.
I too have several blades I could never imagine parting with, but my Jerry Hossom camp knife is very near the top of the list:


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As a gesture of friendship, Gary Graley, sheath maker extraordinaire, gave me a Camillus 864. It is almost a physical part of me now and parting with it would be unthinkable!

Bronco---that camp knife looks familiar, wonder why?
Hi Sandy,
Yes, I thought you might remember the camp knife!:D I need to take a more current photo so everyone can see the luxurious accomodations you created for her.

Here's another one, a George Tichbourne meteorite and mammoth ivory hunter, that also won't be going anywhere. The beautiful photo is courtesy of Carol Tichbourne:


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that you and your organ donor are getting matched commemorative knives is the coolest thing I've heard all day.