The Keepers

Out of my many knives, the two folders that I WONT sell or trade-off are my two customized REKATs...A Sifu, and a Carnivour Cub, (which just happen to be my 2 EDC folders.).:).

The fixed-blade knife that I'll be keeping is my Camillus Cuda CQB-1. That is an excellent "fighter".

Note: Edited 'cause I can't type worth a darn.:D.
A Ken Onion custom Whisper (satin finished and engraved) for my daughter. A Don Maxwell folder (damuscus bolsters, pearl scales and high polished grind/satin finished flats blade) for my son.

Of course. . .I have several that are my pride and joy ! :D
I have a few that I dont plan to let go of. Top of the list is my Bailey Bradshaw 5 bladed stockman with pearl handles. Others include my antiqe stockman collection which is up to about 40 mint to near mint knives made between 1900 and 1970. To see the Bradshaw you have to go to my web site.
My girlfriend (who thinks I am freak when it comes to knives) bought me a large Wenger SAK lockback with and my initials engraved in it, when she was in Switzerland. I will never give this up. Also my grandpa has given me his WWII Camillus Trench Knife with the lanyard still on the sheath and I won't ever give this up. Also think that I will keep mini AFCK 50/50 because it was my first real nice knife and I got one with flawless QC.

Brian, hang in there buddy.
Microtech LCC w/Satin Plain Blade
William Henry Lancet Carbon Fiber Black & Tan
Busse Combat Badger Attack E
First off, my MicroTech LCC DA will definitely be a keeper once Brian and I get them customized. I think we will be looking into pearl scales, but we haven't decided yet.

I also have two A.G.Russell knives which I bought from his Brick and Mortar down in Arkansas. One is a small lockback folder with damascus blade and quince-burl handles (the only knife that my wife really likes), the second is a larger liner-lock with anodized titanium bolsters and quince burl scales and a beautiful satin finished ATS-34 blade. Both were bought by me for special occasions (graduating college, and getting my first "real" job)

My only other knife that I couldn't give up is my Blue Pro-Tech Runt. That one is just so CUTE! and I've used and abused it so much that I could never part with it.

Daniel D.
This bowie isnt going anywhere. My wife bought this for me at the Blade show for me for my 40th birthday. Maker is John Fitch, and blade is 10' of forged and clay tempered 5160. Handle is green canvas micarta. Sheath is Kenny Rowe pinlock.
I have two flat-ground Large Sebenzas and an Umfaan to pass to my 3 kids. The Sebenzas are for my two boys and the Umfaan is for my daughter. :D
I have a bunch I would hate to part with. However I can narrow it down to 3.#1 A Chris Miller skinner that my wife designed for me while we were dating, 4.50 inch skinner, file work, ivory micarta handle with brass pins. #2 A Jerry Fisk 5 inch drop point purchased by my parents while Jerry was a J.S. Especially important to me as my mom fights ovarian cancer. #3 A fancy lock-back by Bob Conley of Jonesboro Tenn, 3.25 inch upswept blade, impala horn handles, file work on blade, lock bar and bolsters. This guy make a fantastic knife yet is fairly unknown and probably retired by now.