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The knife you had to have, but will never use...

Oct 2, 1998
For me it, is the Cold Steel Gunsite... hate Cold Steel, hate serrated edges, good thing it is not a chisel ground hawkbill...

Speaking of chisel ground hawksbills, I just bought a Spyderco Merlin. Have absolutely no use for it, but I wanted one. Fortunately, since I have no actual use for it, I didn't care about the blade steel, or the clip, so I was able to minimize the $$ damage by buying an old style Merlin (AUS8 with molded clip) at the gun show yesterday.


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6-50 Classic large MM Sebi. At that price! Use it? Perish the thought!


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USE, has nothing to do with most of my knife purchases. Neither does NEED, I have more than enough knives to cut what needs cutting. AFFORD, is often an issue, what will I have to give up in order to purchase a knife?

It comes down to WANT plain and simple. I want new knives to fill a void, something that is missing from my collection, or just the desire for a new toy.

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For me it was the Microtech LCC. Nice knife in many ways but I will never use it- it's just too uncomfortable and unwieldy in my hand. I know most forumites are crazy about this knife but I just can't get into it. To each his own I guess.

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David Broadwell 12" recurved subhilt.
Mike Norris SS damascus, progressive leaning ladder pattern (angle of ladder goes from 90 degrees to about 40 as you go from choil to tip).
Cream/white/caramel/rust colored walrus ivory.
All damascus fittings.
Gold wire spacers.

It's a beaut. It'll never be used for anything, I doubt. Unless someone comes barging into my house while I happen to be admiring it.
I never have purchased a knife that I would not use. I am about to order a very expensive Damasteel folder that I might be reluctant to put to hard use. I am sure that I will use it to do some minor chores, but this one I will be very careful with.


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I'll never use any of my Dalton collection or for that fact my Case collection either. I just like to open and close and admire them. All of the different designs, each one with a different character.

It's not the cost that keeps me from using them because they are not all that expensive, it's some desire to keep them pristine.

I do have users that are better suited for my needs and are for the most part more expensive. My Randall or my Freesemann for hunting or my Emerson Commander for every day carry.

I never thought that I would own a knife that I wouldn't use but it has happened. Oh well so much for practicality.
Just clip a couple of dollars in it and carry it as a money clip. I carry mine this way and it never gets a second glance. It works great to open the occasional box etc.

I usually carry a BF Native, CF REKAT Carnie Cub, a DDR Small Custom Apogee, or an Onion Custom Whisper in addition to a SAC and Leatherman Wave.


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I'd have to say my Cold Steel 9 inch Magnum Tanto is one I'll never use...Unless of course, I'm attacked by an insane Ninja Warrior! (And IF I don't have one of my Glock pistols nearby...).

...Now that Leatherman Wave that I just bought from Copfish is ANOTHER story...That one WILL see some use.

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As silly as it sounds, just the fact that several other people want a particular knife is sometimes enough to induce me to buy it. I know as soon as I buy the thing I don't really want it and won't ever use it, but by then it's too late...

As far as production knives go, my Microtech CTII 2-Tone. I bought it, and I love it, but I can't carry it. Although I do tote it around when I'm in FL...
My HI Everest Katana -- not going to use it for any cutting chores; not planning to use it to attack someone; hoping not to ever need to defend myself or my family with it.

Beautiful, though.

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Long time no talk. I'd have to say my new G10 handled Civilian. I knew I had to have one as soon as I saw it. I carry it daily, but I'll probably never have to use it. (At least I hope I don't!)
My Jimmy Lile Deathwind Military #27. I just take it out of the safe from time to time and just ooohh and ahhhh over it.
Most of my knives never get used:

LCC, Civilian, Kestrel-A and Mini Socom-A come to mind as pieces that I really wanted and bought, but never intend to carry around or cut anything substantial with...

For carrying/using I like my Calypso Jr., Enduras, CQC-7B, Mini-Stryker and Mini Impulse, to name a few.
ok...i'll never use my Smith & Wesson California issue auto knife.
first reason is a blade less than two inches is just not useful.
second, with 1/8th inch of blade play in any direction, i don't feel its safe.
i don't know why i ever bought that knife.
if anyone wants it, it's $50 shipped.
i also haven't gotten much use out of my CRKT neck peck. wharncliff blades seem to not be too useful for me. any folder i have would do the PECK's job and still be easier to carry. i think the only good thing to the peck is you can't get crap stuck in it like you can a folder's handle.

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Well, there's the Emerson-esque Chinese pos folder that Brigade Quartermaster sent me free with my order that I won't use for all the wrong reasons (like I'd prefer to keep all of my fingers attached, thank you very much).

And then there are blades that see little use for all the right reasons (like they're just too gorgeous and the mirror finish is too perfect). A case in point courtesy of George Tichbourne:


For the record, that's a 440C blade with filework, Gibeon meteorite bolsters and mammoth ivory scales.

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