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The Military reviewed by Fred Perrin

Oct 16, 1998

It takes time but we have finished the review.

I have linked it to Dexter reviews and also to the BladeForums.

We hope you will enjoy it.


Hey when are you guys going to test Mad Dog and Busse knives. I'd like to see that one.
Way to go

That was the best and funniest review I have ever read.

Harvey Wareham

Live Long & Prosper, so you can buy more knives :)

Thank you Bagman !
It goes straight to our heart !

JM - just finished reading the Military review. You guys did an excellent job! Not to mention, y'all crack me up too!
Keep up the great work and looking forward to reading more reviews.

for those wanting to read the JM and Fred's Military review, go here: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Set/2292/Militaryrev.html

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

One word: Insanity.

Thats the only explaination.

Mike (still laughing)

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-Sir Geoffrey De Tourneville
JM, was very glad to read you'll be putting one of Sean McWilliams' knives through your testing. Now I won't have to abuse mine
Thank you a lot !
Fred will discover the "artistic" way to use his review tomorrow.
I think he will like it also.

I love the Ranger's design. In fact, I'm impressed overall with McWilliams' design ability. A little less impressed with his prices

In reviewing the Ranger, I have a request for Fred. I think the Ranger's edge geometry should be excellent, so please do lots of cutting tests versus some benchmark knife of Fred's choice, tell us exactly what the tests were and how the 2 knives fared. Rather than "it cuts great, the edge is polyvalent", how 'bout detailing the edge tests? Thanks!

Overall, a very interesting review.
Would like to have seen some more definitive tests and results described, i.e. tip strength(if I remember correctly you mentioned having broken the tip on one or two of the knives, explaining how would have helped), types of material/objects cut, liner lock shock/stress tests performed etc....
Just my $0.02

*Norse Knife Nut*

"Military" Fans Unite!!

"The only limitation is lack of imagination."


Sorry but I don't really understand what do you want more.
We are not professional testers but we have broken a lot of knives and have been disapointed by a lot of designs.
The Military is one of the rare folder we trust from M to Y.
Nemo, while I enjoyed your review greatly, it would be of interest to include specific comments on exactly what tests were performed and how the knife compared to other similar blades.


On hard poly rope, cardboard and even styrofoam the Military out performed the AFCK. The Military felt more comfortable in hand, the control was slightly better, and it made the cuts with much less resistance. After the edge on the AFCK had degraded the Military was still performing well. This is probably do to the Military having a better blade geometry (flat vs sabre grind) and its steel being more abrasion resistant (440V vs M2)

By the way did you notice and problem with handle flex? I have seen that commented on many times whenever somone used a Military fairly hard. It seems to be due to the single liner.


The new military doesn't have a "single liner"...it has two, one is embedded in the G10. Believe there is more on this subject in the Spydie forum.

JM aka Nemo,

I too got quite a few chuckles over your review. The only thing that I see as needing clarification concerns old Dexter Ewing. Is it true or not that he is an honorary member of the French Foreign Legion with a rank of Colonel

Cliff, the old military had much more flex than the new one. I have both and new one is solid as a rock. But I agree with on the review, should have more info.

Can I had your fictionnal review to our review ?
I really like it !

First our review come after great others reviews you can found on the Net (Dexter's are just excellent) and other on reviews like "TK".
Our point of view on the Military is just a snapshot of "why we like this knife so much.".
It's really subjective and follow our "Coup de Coeur".
We have tried other CPM440V folders which feels like really craps confronted to the Military but we don't want to do comparative adds.
As far as I am concern I really use to be an AFCK lover (BM800SBT) and I would really like to read some comparaison between the M2 AFCK and the Military.
We have met Lester De Asis last month in Paris and since no more news.
I have asked him if we could borrow a M2 AFCK to review it and we haven't any answers yet.
Now I feel the Military like a Super BM800SBT but back in 1996 (with the Old Military) I prefered the AFCK.
The lock of the Military and his design make it a really trustful tool also really easy to resharp with a little Keyring Gatco Ceramic sharpener.
I could not really dull mine.
Now Fred is still abusing it and even torture his own Military. (We have now noticed a play between the liner lock and the blade but the lock is still strong...)
PErharps we will add some information in our review after a while and we will put more informations about fred's testing.
But against it's really instinctive. We do not record how many times we cut a manilla rope.

All the best,

With all respect to some of the suggestions above, to suggest that Fred and Nemo change their reviews to be more of a dry recital of quantitative observations is kind of like asking someone with the tendencies of a Robin Williams to act more like Al Gore. If they weren't actually funny, I might agree, but they pull it off.
What comes to mind is Kubrick's "The Shining," when the wife discovers her writer husband has been writing pages and pages of the same sentence, one that begins something like "All work and no play make..." I find it refreshing that Fred describes his affection for his shovel with the exuberance that Nicholson wielded his axe in that movie. And that a man with Fred's "macho" qualifications obviously feels little need to present himself seriously makes it all the more enjoyable.
My .02
Bob, if the Military has double liners inside the G10 handles then what does this comment refer to:

The rugged scales are formed of G-10 to optimize temperature, chemical and impact resistance, eliminating the need for liners and contributing to an overall slim profile.

This is from Spyderco's page on the Military.

Nemo I understand about the instinctive nature, its kind of hard to put numbers on a lot of the performance issues anyway. The review was cool by the way, almost as much fun to read as the Cold Steel Shovel one. In regards to the M2 AFCK, it would be interesting to see how the M2 compared to the 440V, I would bet toughness went to the M2 and edge holding to the 440V.

Shodar, the suggestions were made about content not style. My blurb was only how I would have wrote the material not a suggestion as to how Nemo should rewrite his review.

I read Cliff's note as applying to content and not style, also. Lord knows Nemo & Co. have a prose style all their own! I can't speak for Cliff, but his urging of more content indicates he has the same view I have: I enjoy these reviews, but sometimes wish there was a little more content, in addition to all that style... These guys are getting some great knives and testing them hard, it'd be nice to hear some real comparisons and get some other meaningful data.

What I want to know is, can you stomp your way through a truck tire with the new Military without the lock going full travel and jamming.