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The New Millennium Black Fighter in CPM-3V!

Jerry :

Both those should serve only as safeguards against your hand slipping, not as primary gripping devices.

I can't think of a strong enough word to illustrate how much I agree with this statement. If they are primary gripping devices you will beat your hand apart on hard work. I feel the same way about extensive checkering.

Jerry thanks for the extensive detail, we seem to be right inline about handles, combine that with the fact that you are using a steel I am very interested in now, CPM-3V, and put a great deal of thought and work into the edge geometry and the package seems complete. If you make any 3V camp blades I would be very interested in any feedback you get on how they perform.

Cliff, thanks for your kind remarks. Yes, I think CPM-3V is a fantastic steel, particularly for fighting knives because its remarkable toughness allows the knife to be made lighter without compromising its integrity.

At the moment I am also toying with the idea of playing with some S7 for use in swords, where its strengths would be most useful and its weaknesses wouldn't much matter.

As for camp knives, I think I've convinced myself that hollow grinds are just not the thing for many camp chores, particularly chopping wood. I am however being encouraged to make an OSS-style smachette of CPM-3V, so I may back into that arena from another direction.

Jerry Hossom
A SMACHETT in CPM-3V!!!???

Made by JERRY HOSSOM!!??

Never thought of that before.

Uh oh.

The gears are a spinning in my head, and the idea of a new knife for me is starting to brew...
I feel the same pain as does my bud MrG is feeling
oh the pain oh the frustration. THis is a really sweet post and ofcourse, you can't go wrong with the leg of lamb test.

I will be waiting patiently with MrG waiting for my Bowie and hopefully some other stuff if Jerry can make it in time for graduation.

I will also be looking forward to your Espada review Gaucho I have been witing for it eversince I saw the blanks for it on Hossom.com

one day I will be able to fel that hossom handle.. one day... i keep on promising myself.

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</A> If you play with love you will be heartbroken; if you play with knives you will [bleed]


Study hard, get good job, get married, then buy lots of great toys.... (sound familiar to you?

Well, I hope you get a hold of one Jerry's blades by graduation. It would be a worthy present! The Millenium bowie in CPM3V rocks. I thank my friends Don Rearic and recently Guacho for introducing Jerry's work to me.


AKTI #A000356
Sniperboy and Sing,

Good morning!

Sing, how are you feeling this fine morning? I have to admit that I am a little stiff and bruised after the seminar yesterday. Those ground and pound progressions beat me up after awhile. But it was wicked fun!

Anyhow, I had a great time knife-sparring with you yesterday, and I think that those boys at the Riddle this year better watch out 'cuz there'll be a serious new player in town

Sniperboy, I had a chance to play around some with Sing's Hossom CPM-3V Bowie and, let me tell you, its gonna be worth every bit of the wait. It was awesome. It moved so fast that it made Jerry's ATS-34 bowie seem almost mediocre by comparison- quite a feat considering that that ATS-34 bowie was the fastest long knife I had ever used, until now that is! And Sing's bowie is absolutely stunning, with beautiful olive brown micarta scales and gold mosaic pins. It is truly a deadly work of art.

BTW, I've had a chance now to really put the new Millennium Espada prototype through its paces, and when I have some time this week I will post my findings on the Filipino Combat Arms Forum of Bladeforums. So stay tuned. But let me just give a little hint
- this sword went way beyond cutting a leg of lamb. It is one serious sword



Tuvo muy mala suerte...se callo en mi cuchillo.

I remember it liek it was yesterday.. the thread was "Serrated on non serrated" and the kicker was "what is a fighting knife" smack damn I see two millenium fighters.

UNliek other custom makers that I chekc out Jerry was the first who really 'caught my eye' the others were just word of mouth or poularity contests.

I can't tell you how eager I am to get my pair of knifes and plus one and I hear it's coming before I graduate too. Thanks again for the posts I love reading reviews on Hossom knives.

and hey you can't beat a chopped up leg of lamb maybe next time you can give us your leg of lamb recipes too as an afterhtought Gaucho

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</A> If you play with love you will be heartbroken; if you play with knives you will [bleed]