The nine pound bancharos. Little story.

Jan 10, 2001
The best example of "outlander amazement" I've seen was at my favorite gun shop in Bowling Green. A father, from Chicago, wanted to transfer a Colt SAA to his son who had recently immigrated from Mexico and started a restaurant. They had enough documentation to adopt children and fell out when they found that Kentucky had no requirements over and above the fed garbage.

We're collecting a good Mexican population hereabouts, with the usual 1/2% no goods of any new group. My only "objection" has to do with added inches on the waistline, and a new addition to Jeff Cooper's "Rules of Gunfighting" - Never Wear a Belly Holster to a Mexican Restaurant. Aiee, que pena

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
It was common a when axes were used for felling that the heads were above 5 lbs in weight, depending on the type of tree. Seven to nine pounds was not uncommon. It is rare to see such an axe now. Most felling axes now are only about 3 lbs, but they are only about 4.5" across the bit. The larger ones would be 6"+, the last time I saw one of those was about 15 years ago.

Feb 15, 2001
These bancharos are one-handed axes, right uncle?

I'd believe a 9-lb two-hander; that's a fairly heavy sledge but workable. But one-handed? You'd have to have forearms like Popeye, and bring some extra spinach.