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TheBadGuy is not a bad guy at all

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Jun 15, 2004
Successfully completed a transaction with Jason. No hassle, the knife came in the mail promptly, and it was packed well and arrived in great condition. I fully recommend doing business with him.
I also have done several transactions with Jason. Will probably do more in the future... and can agree with comodorewheeler's assessment wholeheartedly! :D
Obviouly you don't know Jason well. He is a very bad man!

Just joking Jason. I have never done any business with Jason, but I consider him to be one of the real good guys.
Thanks guys, to be labeled "one of the good ones" is a real privlage as I get to be held up to such fine gentlemen as yourselves. Never had a bad transaction from a member of the knife community and have been lucky enough to deal with such fine gentlemen as above :)