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They're Here! (With Pics)

The Magna's are sweet looking for sure. They look like good hard-use folders. I'm assuming the liner-locks are stainless (that's most ideal in my opinion); what is the thickness of the liner-locks? Thanks.
To Professor:

The liner is 0.050" thick stainless. Lock-up is rock solid. Without blowing any smoke I can state the Magna is the strongest aluminum handle liner lock on the market.

Also thanks for the good words Sal. It is greatly appreciated coming from the founder of custom/production knife collaborations.

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Well we just got them in today and they are waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy Coooooooooollllll!

Dealers contact us ASAP as only a few limited first production run versions are available.

Great job David, Darrel and Kit!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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To David:

Look for some cool pics for you to use, if you need them, soon.

Also I can't get on your site either. I know a great hosting company with a really fast server

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Congrats David, Darrel and Kit. Thanks for the preview at the Shot Show. Hope these are winners for all of you. They should be from what I saw and I already have an order for one. Got to admit those guys have clips even I might leave on they almost feel as if they are not there - great job on both models.

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I have to say that I'm really impressed by the Impulse, it came out phenomenally, it's very sleek and comfortable in the hand.

The Magna is a true utility knife, this thing feels like it's ready to cut anything apart, no problems. It's *heavy* and solid feeling as well, it's a knife you can have confidence in when it's in your hand.

Darrel and Kit, you guys did great jobs on these knives, and I'm really impressed with the recessed clips. I'll be taking some pictures ASAP....


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Yikes! Darrel you've got mail!
I replaced the above pics with the one's I optimized. Try to keep image sizes below 50K Absolute MAX. 25K and below is best.
The first image was 182K and the second was 149K.

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New pics from WOW!


Magna pics comming soon.

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Mike Turber
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Great pics Mike!!!

Um, not to be insulting, but how can a aluminum handled folder with a 1/20" thick liner be the strongest aluminum handled folder on the market?

Isn't at least 1/16" standard thickness?

I need a bigger bucket.
To Stompy:

I'm not much for hype, but I do stand behind my statement that the Magna is the strongest aluminum handle liner lock on the market. I currently don't have raw data to back this however we are submitting the Magna to Buck Knives for the failure test they are performing on several name brand knives. Upon completion of this test the results will be made public.

If you compare the construction of the Magna to that of a vehicle, you can say it is built like a tank with cold-forged, heat treated 6061 aluminum scales, double stainless steel liners and 4" long 4mm thick blade. The Magna is not a light-weight knife but a solid workhorse to handle any cutting task. Before you make any judgement on the Magna I ask you to pick one up and handle it first.

Also Stompy you are being critical on the Magna's strength based solely on the thickness of the liner. Liner thickness is important but much less important than how precise the lock is crafted.

When judging the overall strength of a knife you need to consider three main force directions; lateral side forces, forces up on the blade into the stop pin and forces down on the blade into the liner. Of the three force directions, force down on the blade into the liner is the least encountered force direction when using a knife but most critical factor in liner lock failures. The only time the liner encounters great compression forces is when the knife blade is wedged in something and you pull upward to release it. Another instance may be when you are fighting a guy with a stick and he whacks the top of your blade. We can all agree this does not happen too often. IMO if you are putting a lot of force down on the blade into the liner you are cutting in the wrong direction. I'm not saying the liner's lockup does not need to be strong. I just think there has been a lot of attention placed on liner lock failures because the market has been flooded with poorly constructed liner locks. In reference to the Magna, the liner lockup is a strong precise fit.

Again before you judge the Magna, pick one up and see for yourself. Thank you for your attention.

Outdoor Edge Cutlery Corp.

David Bloch,

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