Throw out every knife, (kitchen knives, fixed blades, folders) keep one...

Dec 27, 2017
What would you keep if you had to throw out every sharp piece of steel you own. What can you live with to do everything?
It would kill me to throw out my kitchen knives! But I guess if I had to only keep one for all tasks, it would be my Bradford Guardian 6 in 3V with a close second to the Bradford Chef knife in M390. I would need something that could handle kitchen duty in addition to any random tasks. I cook a lot. The Guardian 6 isn't ideal for food prep, but it works in a pinch and is tough enough to hold up to almost anything.
My Himalayan Imports KLVUK khukri. Its a smaller,lighter,thinner khuk. VUK stands for Village Utility Knife. Carbon steel,convex edge, easy to choke up on for small jobs. Might look a little weird going to work though.:)
Hey, its worked for the Nepalis for a long,long time.--KV
I don't think there is any single knife that can do it all and can't even consider that possibility.

my dad’s Pal USN mkI deck knife. For all the reasons my Dad loved it. it is big enough but not too big. Easily clean everything from trout to deer. Takes and holds a nice edge. Has a man sized handle. A good all around hunting knife that can still slice onions and garlic thin. The picture is of two of the NOS ones I bought for my kids.
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For me it will be my large sebenza 21 with micarta inlays and insingo blade shape.
That is so difficult. Of the knives I own it would either be my Carothers field knife, or my Busse Swatmandu leor.
But then again I like my Bark River Bravo 1 lt in 3v. And my TRC K1 in Elmax.
I can't play this game ha ha.
Has to be a folder for legal reasons where I live. So the AG Russell folding kitchen knife. I think it was 4-4.5in of blade. Bulky for EDC but I need something for work and everyday tasks along with food prep.

If I didn't have the legal issues there are a lot of good fix blades that could do it all without too much compromise.
What would you keep if you had to throw out every sharp piece of steel you own. What can you live with to do everything?

Depends on who is making me do it. Are we talking some all-knowing, omniscient supreme being, or alien overlords, or some kinda robots or what?

Also depends on where I have to do it. Will I be teleported onto a desert island or some sort of inescapable forest? Or does this just happen at my house? Could I just order some more online?