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Ti Lum Tanto PE - Spyderco


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Jun 25, 2011
Very rare and seeing what comes up as offers. Has seen light use by me. The prior owner tried to remove pocket clip and stripped two screws. It's set up as tip down but I am getting new screws next week. If traded comes with box and papers.

In fact action is still tight as it hasn't seen much carry or use.

This is a very rare knife just due to the model but given that it's a plain edge it's even more so.

Only looking for tanto style folders such as a megladon, umnumzaan tanto, other rare items.

Under the rare Items I got a Derespina Mini 6 if you want to up the ante

(Btw sick yuna)

Side note: I have a gray g10 straight edge Lum but if I got a Ti one It would mean I could carry one and save the other.
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It would be nice to see the other side, and the lock up on it; looks nice on that side.
What are the chances this is still available?

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