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Timberline: Specwar & Aviator

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Nov 20, 2004
I have the Timberline Specwar & Aviator fixed blade knives for possible trade. Both knives are new in the box. I would like to trade for Spydercos or maybe Cold Steel. My contact is joedot@swbell.net :)
Any chance of getting a response to my emails, or this post? :confused:
geegee said:
Any chance of getting a response to my emails, or this post? :confused:
Yeah "geegee" I was out of town for a day but you can contact me at the e-mail "joedot@swbell.net" I apologize for any inconvenience. JD Spydo :)
Once again I tried PMing and I guess you have to be a platinum member for that. Anyways I ran across this post in a search and am wondering if you still have either of these knives?

Or you can shoot JD Spydo an e-mail. The e-mail addy is listed in the first post.
Hey Dazed & Confused or anyone for that matter. I still have the 2 Timberline knives for trade. All you have to do is e-mail me here at my home e-mail address and I will respond to you quickly as a lot of traders here on Bladeforums will attest to. I am mainly looking for Spydercos but I will consider your offer even for certain Benchmades. OK just let me know :)