Tip up vs tip down.

Jun 17, 2012
I've come to realize I'm a fan of tip down, and a couple reasons for that...

1) As mentioned before, my knife and my hand don't fit all that great when trying to get both in my pocket at once. I've found that I shut the knife however I please, then holding the pivot between my thumb and index, let gravity drop the tip and handle down. This allows for easy insertion into whatever material my pants are that day.

2)To draw my knife, I just do the reverse process holding the knife around the pivot then rotating my hand around.

3) My first knife I was given was a Buck Nobleman. This knife is tip down only. Simply using it made me accustomed to TD and it's like second nature that way. TU just feels unnatural.

Just my two cents.
Mar 19, 2001
I find it faster and easier to draw the knife from my pocket with my hand on it in a good position, and open it quickly and easily, if it's tip up.
Apr 24, 2013
dumb...post...not insulting the poster...or get more red points!~

no this is no answer question there is no answer no right or wrong, depends on you and the knife.... and more.

depends on you, there is no right or wrong

what is right depends on you, your build, etc