TiTAN 2.0 Pre-Order / Build

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I'm glad you like your TiTAN Beau. I always love to here feedback from customers so any pictures or reviews are most welcome. Here are a few shots of the "Apocalyptic Bronze" finish I'm doing. It's a brushed finish that is electro-anodized violet and then run through a tumbler. The parts are re-anodized at a lower bronze voltage. The result is a color shifting stonewashed finish. Fingerprints and oil also can also shift the color bronze or violet depending on the light.




Here are some pictures and videos of #11 ,#12, and #14




10522852_1470628759892450_838317944_n_zpsa51d5299.  jpg
Quick shot of number 9 with a Titan sized pistol - just a reminder to everybody that these are going strong!!

Quick shot of number 9 with a Titan sized pistol - just a reminder to everybody that these are going strong!!

Looks great. Currently waiting on mine (#5). Will's posted a few shots of it coming along on IG and the anticipation is killing me!
I hope I can get in on Titan 3 or something, I can't get over that warncliffe, it's wicked.
I can say I have never anticipated a knife anymore than the Titan 2. Number 15 is my little slice of heaven and with all the pictures and videos of the knives being made it just adds to suspense. Amazing the work and detail that goes into these knives. And it will be one that proudly holds the position of most interesting and detail oriented knife I will probably ever own!
I failed to find a price on these beauties. I know I can't buy one anymore, still curious for secondary market or future projects here.
Thank you.
I received mine the other night and it is FANTASTIC. I haven't had time to really play with it and look at it in detail, but it opens just as you'd expect on those bearings.. probably better than you can imagine. Will set the detent just right before shipping so that it opens perfectly but seems to have enough detent to keep the massive blade from flopping out. With the HRD, it should be easily tunable if not to everyones liking. The blade finish on mine was excellent with no stray grind markings still left that I could see and a very nice satin look. The handle has a pretty aggressive stonewash and looks really nice. I can't wait to find time to get it side by side with the original TiTAN and will take some pictures to post.

My only disappointment was that it came bundled up in a shop towel in the custom case. The case didn't appear to have any way to secure the knife in it like the custom laser cut foam for the original TiTAN box. The case though is quite nice with the signet ring seal and the lasered leather zipper pull. The wood business card insert is one of the neatest, classiest things I've ever had come with a knife and the wood card for Woods Bladeworks word play is just fun.


Quick cell phone pics. Pair of William Woods beasts with a ZT 0300 for scale! The mottling is because they are soaked in oil. I wonder how hard it would be to HRD retrofit the original TiTAN since it is drilled through and should be easy to tap. The HRD on the TiTAN 2 is really nice because it can be tuned to be just heavy enough of a detent to keep the heavy blade from flopping out but light enough to easily flip it open.
Got mine today. You really don't get a feel for how big these things are until you have it in your hand. However the action is smooth. The blade is well centered and the balance is very good. It actually feels good in the hand in spite of its size.

There will be a few things you can leave behind if you decide to carry one. Hand grenades for example. RPG's are just taking up space. Won't need a dedicated glass breaker nor a none lethal self defense weapon as the glass breaker can do double duty there. You hand will always be a good distance from the business end of the glass breaker as well. Some people have referred to it as gimmicky because if its size. I don't think it is gimmicky at all. Its just big and very well crafted. You could probably disassemble a building with it. A typical apartment door would disintegrate in front of it. "Something to open my dear...a vault perhaps".

Mine is the flame anodized that's been in Will instagram photos...still there for that matter. Very happy I chose to have Will make dark bronze the primary color. In person it is much darker than the photos. Handles look like they have been dumped into a fire and came out with some color. Not rainbow like at all although it might have been if the main color was a lighter golden bronze instead of the deep bronze. The pocket clip makes it aesthetically as it highlights the darkness of the handles. Anyway...all in all a great piece. Glad I have it for sure.
I see number 14! So is 15 close ?????? :)

Im number 11 and no Titan for me yet. I'd say don't hold your breath they'll be ready when they're ready. From what I have noticed some knives just required more attention than others.
Thanks Will! I am 15 so I like a little kid with Christmas getting close! Feel free to go apocalyptic on that baby :)
Any word on #11? you said on instagram it would be shipping a little over a week ago.
Any word on #11? you said on instagram it would be shipping a little over a week ago.

Windex I sent you an email w/ tracking info.

15 and 16 are finished and ready to ship. 17 and 19 are on the bench now getting the final treatments.

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