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Todd Fischer Mini Archangel, David Kulis Mini Mini Stingray, A2A6 mini

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Oct 8, 2017
Hey guys,

Selling a few pieces to fund a grail

Todd Fischer Archangel mini - $2,600 - one of the earliest archangels made. 3.5" blade tip to pivot, 7.5" overall 5.5oz good lockup around 30%. satin blade and cf scales.

David Kulis mini mini Stingray #1 - $1,450 - 1st mini mini Stingray made. 3.25" blade tip to frame, 7.5" overall 5.5oz good lockup around 25-30%. Mike norris random damascus san mai blade with CTSXHP blade. timascus cli and pivot collars. blackened ti and blockwood cf scales.

A2A6 mini - $750 - mini A6 with unidirectional g10 with orange spacers M390 blade.

wasnt able to get photos upoladed of this one so please email me and i can get those too you!

message with questions and interest or email me at Havoksg96@gmail.com

no tradesIMG_7517.jpg IMG_7523.jpg IMG_7528.jpg IMG_7529.jpg IMG_7535.jpg IMG_7540.jpg IMG_7516.jpg