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Traded Chris Reeve Small Sebenza Brand New for Your...

Discussion in 'Trade: Knives & Tools' started by Yimes, Sep 23, 2019.

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  1. Yimes

    Yimes Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 3, 2018
    I received my first ever CRK knife last week. It is a Small sebenza 21 with spalted beech inlays. It has never been used only carried briefly in the leather slip. Beautiful knife in pristine condition with perfect centering.

    It just might be a little small for my hands so I am putting it up here to see what BF has to offer.

    I am not looking for fixed blades or traditional slip joints.

    I am not looking for anything specific but to give some ideas that could interest me: CRK large Sebenza or Inkosi, TRM atom in Micarta, Spydiechef, m4 Shaman...

    Cash can be added and users are fine. All I ask is that the value your offering is comparable. I paid $485 for this knife last week from a dealer.

    Because of the value of this, if there is an agreed trade low or no feedback members will be asked to ship first.


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  2. South paw draw

    South paw draw Yep.....I'm a idiot. Platinum Member

    Sep 23, 2019
    That's a very nice looking CRK. If it were left handed I would have to let you pick throw my knives and see if we could find a way. But I'm pretty much done buying knives that can't be carried in the correct pocket and hand. I have way to many already. You'll find someone I'm sure.
  3. Kenneth J Burley

    Kenneth J Burley Gold Member Gold Member

    May 27, 2019
    Have a beautiful customized pm2 for the small sebenza. http://imgur.com/gallery/3D3gYOP
    Upgrades are Ripps Garage Tech Hex Ti scales, with their timascus Clip and Blurple clip screws and xxxadrenalinxxx blue Ti hardware set, custom titanium lanyard bead and blue anodized titanium backspacer. The original clip, scales and hardware will be included. No issues, lock up, action and centering are all nice! Like new.
    Ti scales-$160
    Bento m390 -$200
  4. Brian Stanwood Sr

    Brian Stanwood Sr

    May 3, 2018
    Thanks for the trade Andrew!!
  5. Yimes

    Yimes Gold Member Gold Member

    Sep 3, 2018
    This one is traded. Thanks Brian and BF!!
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