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Traditional and Modern pairings


Gold Member
Jun 16, 2015
It feels like a multiple knife day today, so I'll be carrying all three of these...
Great trio to have, John!🤠👍
How do you like the slipjoint Spyderco?

Speaking of, I was singing the blues to John JohnDF JohnDF about loosing my Spyderco Sage, and because John is that kind of guy, he sent me his Native! Also a blue Case Stockman.
Can't thank you enough for your generosity and friendship!



Gold Member
May 14, 2018
Great trio to have, John!🤠👍
How do you like the slipjoint Spyderco?
Thank you, Dennis. :)
I like it well enough. I mostly bought it and carry it because it's legal to carry at work.
I much prefer my modern knives to have a lockback, with solid lockup and good blade retention when closed.
I generally carry a modern knife in place of a fixed blade, so a solid lockup is what it needs.
I'm glad you like the Native, Dennis.
It's a very solid and handy little lockback.


Live and Let Die
Platinum Member
Dec 1, 2016
Great couple

Two classic designs that work very well together... Nice pair, Dylan. 🤠:thumbsup:

Thank you, fellas. I don't want to get too into the weeds with regards to modern knives but that Benchmade has been a regular companion all week - it's a superb design.

I got both of these in today and they both spent time in my pocket throughout the day.