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Traditional Bone-handle Hunter

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Aug 6, 2006
This is sold! Thanks!

I wanted to put this in the traditional section, but think that's just for discussions? Anyway, I tried doing my Model IX with camel bone and I must admit, it came out wonderful! i am very well pleased with it. I don't think these pictures do it justice, but the workmanship is guaranteed. Of course, it comes with a finely fit leather sheath and I'll ship it free anywhere in the US for $90. The bone handle is slimmer than the ones I do in Micarta, but it's not hard to hold on to, nice grip. here's the specs
Model: IX
Serial: 039
Blade steel:1/8" 440-C Stainless Steel 57-58Rc
Pins: Brass
Blade length: 3 7/16"
Overall length: 7 7/16"
Weight: approx. 4.6 oz.
$90 shipped free anywhere in USA
paypal, cc, mo, or checks that clear.
I'll take this baby!! Great deal on the blade and the sheath. :D email incoming Eddie!
Azis- thankfully it did not last long at all man! the cool thing is...if you like it or anything else you see that i make...i can get it to you with almost NO wait time. Thanks! Eddie
It wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if I had not gotten on of Eddie's Sheep Horn #4's for Christmas.
I didn't even need to scroll down, I knew it would be gone.

There's allot of the BF crew liking Eddie's work, which is good. The 4" hunter I use I consider one of the best cutting knives I have owned, it is more like a scalpel really.

Aggie I am sure you'll love that knife.