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Trailing Point Hitachi Blue#2 (sold)

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Apr 22, 2010
Hello all,

For your consideration today:

- Flat Ground Trailing point
- Rosewood Scales reclaimed from the molding of an old house
- Kydex Sheath has good retention and works very well. Knife clicks into place
- 0.134" thick Hitachi Blue Paper #2 Steel
- Heat treated by Peters Heat Treat, right down the road from me, to 61-62 RC (very pleased with this steel and HT)
- Very sharp
- 8 3/8" overall length
- 4" Flat ground blade
- 6.6 oz w/sheath
- 5.3 oz w/o sheath

Paypal Preferred

Price: $old shipped! (please add $6 if you'd like insurance on your package)

email any questions to: loreno.knives@gmail.com


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