Trailmaster vs Battle Mistress

Oct 3, 1998
I think my next knife buy is going to be a large bowie type knife like the Trailmaster bowie,,Tim Brittons terminator III,or Busse combats Battle mistress..
I can get the Trailmaster for about $130,,the Terminator and battle mistress,,from what i can find are right at $300.My question is should I wait and get one of the other two,,or does the quality of the trailmaster make comparing these knives like comparing apples and oranges?? The knife will be used hard and not just to look at so the quality wii matter
Jerry will be sending me a Battle Mistress very soon. Upon reciept Spark and I will take it out back and wack the living $%@#$# out of everything we can think of. I will write a review once done and post pics.


This will be a no holds barred, no bs, no hype test. So look for it.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Mike, could we entice you to take a Trailmaster on the same trip and whack the $%@#$# out of it in precisely the same way, then report performance results? E.g., Which knife whacks the $%@#$# out of things with less strokes, which held an edge better at the end, etc.? I'll understand if you decline to do this, given the volatility of some of the principles involved.


Im sure you have knocked the %$^^# out of the trailmaster in the past does it hold up,,or did it fall apart??
Why would there be any problem having an honest knife comparison test,,if this is an unbias forum than whats the problem??
No problem at at. I think what Joe was reffering to is the fact that I am a Cold Steel distributor. The FACT is that I will post an honest review regardless. In fact i would love to throw a Mag Dog in the mix. Kevin is welcome to donate a Mad Dog to the cause and be present during testing, or for that matter do the test himself. Either way you can be assured the results will be honest. of course in any review the price should always be taken into consideration.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
I am the president!
Of World Of Weapons that is.
No interns for me I am married and love my wife!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
It would be nice to see both the stainless and carbon steel versions of the
Trailmaster go up against the Busse and the Atak. I also think that if you are not going to use an "off the shelf" Atak you should give the other makers a chance to supply their knife and appear at the test.
Just my 2 cents. I'll shut up now.
I lied. I wasn't thinking clearly on the earlier post. You should use "off the shelf" knives from any maker and do the tests yourself or use another impartial party whenever any test is done to keep anybody from being able to dispute the validity of the test.
Now I'll shut my mouth.
I will do the test. As I have always said I do not lie or BS. Whoever wins wins. I could truly care less what any manufacturer thinks of my test. My test will be fair. Jerry, Lynn and Kevin all know me. Also all are welcome to attend the test and of course I will video tape the results. In fact if they want each can handle their own knife in the test. I really don't care. I just think it is about time to put a lot of the questions to rest. Of course we all know my test results will be contested but again who cares. It is all fun!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Mr. Turber,
I hope you don't think I was questioning your or anyone else's honesty, because I was not. I was suggesting a way to keep it a more scientific-like test, that is all. If the same person does all the cutting, then no knife will do better just because it had a more skilled or stronger user. If all the knives are "off the shelf", then no one will be able to say that any knife was specialy prepared. This helps to validate the winner. I am not paying for the knives in this test and it is your baby, so I should probably have not said anything, but I didn't mean anything by it.
First off I will say that these type of posts (reviews) are the most valuable and easily make these forums worthwhile. While its nice to see information by the makers etc. you always have in the back of your mind that these guys obviously make money by convincing you to buy their knives. This is one of the reasons for example that I like reading Joe's reviews as he points out the flaws as well as the strengths of the knives he reviews.

Anway, Mike, if you have the time, besides the obvious cutting, chopping, edge holding and blade strength tests, these are the aspects I would like to see covered in your outing.

handle (this is my biggest concern)

a) is it comfortable during heavy strain and/or long term use

b) slippery when wet or still firm control

c) durability / resistance to normal chemicals as found in bug spray, fuels cleaners etc


a) edge durability under extreemly abusive conditions (does the blade tend to chip or just dent)

b) resistance to corrosion (are the busse blades coated?)

It would be great to see up close pics of the blade / handle before and after the tests.

By the way which Mad Dog would you take as the ideal blade to face off against the Battle Mistress?

Anyway, its your time, I would really appreciate a comment on these if you could. However you could always just send it to me and I'll do the test
I even promise I'll return it after I am finished testing it, however to do a really comprehensive test it will take a few years

By the way what is that backlog on getting a new Battle Mistress, any idea?


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No I did not think you were questioning my honesty. I just thought I would reiterate that my review would be honest and that anyone including the makers are welcome to attend.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
Could we throw an Ontario SP-10 in the mix?
The Battle Mistress and Trailmaster are both proprietary steel; a 1095 or other high carbon should be there as well, as a reference point.

If needed, I could provide one.
Having handled the Battle Misstress and the Cold Steel Trailmater, and only have seen pictures of the Mad Dogs, I will bet a dollar that the Battle Misstress comes out on top! Any takers,,,,he he he
I vote for the BUSSE . HE makes a great knife IMHO. ITS the real deal . BUT we are overlooking the Carson U2. Carson and Busse are my votes. Both are real makers. I have beat the crap out of a Busse. I love um . Kit
wont let me test his (cause I never asked ) hahahahhahah. The U2 is just overlooked. Take a look at it. It has some fantasic ideas from the military master himself.


In chatting with Kit last night I mentioned the suggestion to compare his U2 with a Battle Mistress and Trailmaster. I expressed my view that they were really different categories of knives: his being an entry tool and the others chopper-survical blades.

He concured, telling us about the 2 years collaborating with a Navy EDO named Rob to perfect the design, which he described as a prybar-entry tool that happens to have a sharp edge. It was proclaimed the tool of choice if ya wanted to break into a '69 Caddy!


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I think that the Trailmaster is a fantastic product and an excellent value for the money. People that have them really like them and they seem to overperform for the price.

However, I think that the Busse and the Mad Dog are better knives, as well as being much more expensive. Even though I'm a big fan of Mad Dog and own quite a few now, I respect the Busse stuff and have heard very good reports from owners.

My guess is that the Trailmaster would be impressive but the Mad Dog and Busse knives would be the top, er, dogs, with only very fine points setting them apart (personal preferences).

Isn't the rumour that the un-named knife that Busse compares against in his ads really the Cold Steel Trailmaster?