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truthseeker's list

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Jun 23, 2006
Here's my list of the great people I've dealt with so far. Thanks to all of them for the very pleasant transactions! :thumbup:

More to be added as they come along.

on_the_edge (1)
jaxx (1)
mr_wilson (3)
thencrow (1)
Nevada Bob (1)
lancelot (1)
Cougar Allen (2)
beastie362 (1)
Ren the devils trailboss (1)
Rayzr (1)
Z51 (1)
jgkelly (1)
Eric Isaacson (1)
akatul (1)

The "Not-So-Good List"

wired45 (1) - Had an issue with a knife sold to him and without any contact whatsoever, started a negative thread about me here.
Bump for a good deal with wired45! Thanks man!! :thumbup:

EDIT: Prematurely posted, see list above.
Bump for another great deal with mr_wilson. He's in trouble, he lives too close to me!:D
...or am I too close to him?!?!? :eek::eek:

PS: It's not often you sell a guy a knife and he gives you a free one back!

Thanks Mike!!:thumbup:
Bump for a great deal with Cougar Allen. What a great guy! He gave me 32 Cougar bracelets for FREE!!! Yeah, I said FREE!!
Huh? :confused:

That must have been my good twin, Lynx Allen. It's the kind of thing he would do. I would never do anything like that -- I'm the evil twin. :mad:
Bump for a good deal with Ren the devils trailboss! Thanks for the anti-oompa-loompa device! :D
Bump for a great deal with Z51. Awesome price on a sweet light. Now I can kill zombies at night! WOOHOOOO! :D
Bumppity-bump for another superduperwhuper deal with Cougar Allen! I am now so cool, you have to put on 2 pair of socks just to stand in the same room with me. :cool::cool::cool::thumbup:

Bump for some nice lanyards from Eric "The Bully" Isaacson! Thanks, that's one talented kid you got there! :D :thumbup: